Who would win Predator and sonic?

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I am a big fan of Sonic, no, bigger than your imagination! So, in my opinion, Sonic would win! But Predator would not just be beaten to hell that easily.

o wow kid sonic really???REALLY???? sonic is a blue hedgehog that taps a flying squirrel every nite lol. predator would blast his blue balls off and then pee on him jst to laugh. predator all the way no matter what no matter when even see the new movie boy!!
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Who would win alien or predator?

According to the Alien vs Predator movies, the Predator race huntsthe Aliens as an ultimate sport - and frequently get killed in theprocess, but in general the Predator has th

Who would win the predator or Jason?

the predator would win but he could not kill Jason for Jason is imortal and can regenarate body parts the only way Jason could be killed is if another vorhees stabs him in the

Who would win Lucario or sonic?

OBJECTION! *shakes heads like edgeworth* typical sonic fan who always want sonic wins. did you think seeing c**t on lucario fans forehead? Lucario will throw a chili

Who would win Batman or predator?

predator, he has a weird laser cannon, claws, a scary face, and he can turn invisible, batman doesn't even have superpowers, just a bata-rang. but if batman somehow escaped,

Who would win predator or alien?

In my interest in aliens and what I've found out about them is that aliens are adaptable to any surrounding and are fast learners and the aliens population can grow in a matte

Who would win Sonic or Flash?

Sonic will dirt him because he's the speed of sound In a race, Flash would win because that's his only power. Sonic is slower.

Who would win Sonic or Superman?

sonic could go super making him 1000x more powerful,has beatenomnipotents, is invincible, is faster than 1000x the speed oflight, has chaos control, so sonic wins.

Who would win sonic or bowser?

Sonic. why? because sonic can run circles around bowser plus sonic's strength is pretty good, and also sonic can has big feet so he can beat him Mario style with stomping!
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Who would win Elmo or sonic?

sonic.... no no elmo..... sonic..... elmo.....sonic.....i don't know anymore
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Who would win Amy or Sonic?

Although this answer is completely opinionated, SONIC WOULD WIN FOR SURE!!!