Who would win Predator and sonic?

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I am a big fan of Sonic, no, bigger than your imagination! So, in my opinion, Sonic would win! But Predator would not just be beaten to hell that easily.

o wow kid sonic really???REALLY???? sonic is a blue hedgehog that taps a flying squirrel every nite lol. predator would blast his blue balls off and then pee on him jst to laugh. predator all the way no matter what no matter when even see the new movie boy!!
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Who would win in a fight Sonic or Shadow?

No weapons: Both Shadow and Sonic have equal speeds, but unlikeSonic, Shadow can use Chaos Control without the Chaos Emeralds.Sonic would likely win. Weapons: Sonic and Shadow use the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Tie

Who would win sonic or shadow?

Well, I think Sonic would Spindash into Shadow, but Shadow would use Chaos Control and dodge. I really, really, REALLY love Sonic! But I think more people think Shadow would beat Sonic more. In my opinion though, Sonic would probably win because of his Super Form, which Shadow doesn't stand a chance (MORE)

Who would win in a fight shadow or sonic?

No weapons: Both Shadow and Sonic have equal speeds, but unlike Sonic, Shadow can use Chaos Control without the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow would likely win. Weapons: sonic uses chaos emeralds goes super shadow uses chaos blast knocking sonic to normal shadow then uses guns shadow wins HI MY NAME IS J (MORE)

Who would win alien or predator?

According to the Alien vs Predator movies, the Predator race huntsthe Aliens as an ultimate sport - and frequently get killed in theprocess, but in general the Predator has the edge.

Who would win the predator or Jason?

the predator would win but he could not kill Jason for Jason is imortal and can regenarate body parts the only way Jason could be killed is if another vorhees stabs him in the heart with the secret dagger. but the reason why the predator would win is because he is bred for battle has more experince (MORE)

Who would win in a fight knuckles or sonic?

No weapons: Sonic speeds around Knuckles at 600 mph, making it impossible for Knuckles to land a hit. Sonic can then freely slam into Knuckles with Spin Dash until Knuckles is incapacitated. Sonic wins. Weapons: Knuckles and Sonic use the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Tie.

Who would win in a fight sonic or luigi?

No weapons: Sonic speeds around Luigi at 600 mph and smashes into him with spin dash, effectively cutting Luigi in half. Sonic wins. Weapons: Luigi uses a star to go invincible, Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Tie. Luigi because he is more determined. Determination always wins. Sonic (MORE)

Who would win in a fight terminator or predator?

Hard question to answer, there are different models of terminators. The terminator as seen in the first movie would lose against the predator because the predators carry the laser gun, but in terminator two, the liquid metal terminator would be immune to anything the predator could throw at it. In f (MORE)

Who would win Goku or sonic?

Goku Has No limit to his Power now his speed is unbeliveable. Even doe Sonic is fast Goku has instant transmission and if he trys to run from goku would catch him this is really no battle Sonic should NT even be in this conversation. Now with Super Sonic Only thing Goku Have to Do Is go Super Sayian (MORE)

Who would win Naruto or sonic?

naruto would win its not rocket science because he has nine tails that he can control nine tails now and has sage Both are annoying, but Sonic is a sniveling traitorous scumb that ruins childhoods. Naruto, make rat-cheese-brochettes out of him, will ya?

Who would win in a battle Mario or sonic?

Here are the 3 reasons why Sonic would win: 1. When sonic goes super sonic he can also throw fire balls 2. He has quills that he can easily stab Mario with 3. Sonic can spin dash Mario In half

Who would win Lucario or sonic?

OBJECTION! *shakes heads like edgeworth* typical sonic fan who always want sonic wins. did you think seeing c**t on lucario fans forehead? Lucario will throw a chili dog when he got a chance then sonic gone crazy on it then lucario can kick him! HOW BOUT THAT SONIC FAN!

Which would win in a fight Mario or sonic?

No weapons: Sonic speeds around Mario at 600 mph and smashes into him with spin dash, effectively cutting Mario in half. Sonic wins. Weapons: Mario uses a star to go invincible, Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Tie.

Who would win in a race sonic or roadrunner?

Roadrunner would win the race. In the coyote roadrunner cartoons, Wile E Coyote can always catch up to the roadrunner. To someone who takes the time to really think about this it is clear that Wile E is moving faster than Roadrunner. The fact that the coyote can never catch the roadrunner shows that (MORE)

Who would win sonic vs flash?

Flash would kick the **** out of him until Sonic got fed up and used the Chaos Emeralds to go super, then Flash kicks the **** out of him again

Who would win in a fight out of sonic and a ninja?

out of a ninja and sonic. im pretty sure (yes he would) sonic would win because sonic can turn super and hyper and hes got shadow and silver to back him up and they all go super and hyper and they can mix together so sonic would definatley (will) win

Who would win in a figth sonic or shadow?

Shadow, 'cuz he's awesome. even though i like shadow better sonic will win because of sonics expeirence in the world with fighting giant robots Monsters and saving the world twice

Who would win Batman or predator?

predator, he has a weird laser cannon, claws, a scary face, and he can turn invisible, batman doesn't even have superpowers, just a bata-rang. but if batman somehow escaped, he would probably hide in his bat cave and build a new anti-predator weapon and use it to capture predator, and throw him int (MORE)

Who would win predator or alien?

In my interest in aliens and what I've found out about them is that aliens are adaptable to any surrounding and are fast learners and the aliens population can grow in a matter of days and they can have different types of hybrid aliens

Who would win Sonic or Klonoa?

Sonic, pretty obvious. Yeah, right! Klonoa has defeated the likes of Nahatomb, a monstercapable of destroying the entire world! I think he could put up agood fight.

Who would win sub-zero or predator?

The Predator I mean sub-zero does have good powers like his ice sword and freezing people, but would he be able to see a predator in cloak and all his amazing weapons like his mask, combi stick, plasma gun, power glove, laser net, sword, net gun, plasma caster, predicomp, chakram, shuriken, solven (MORE)

Who would win Sonic or Spider Man?

tough question but when it comes down to it spiderman would win because all he would have to do is spray hi web all over sonic and sonic would stop in his tracks.

Who would win in a fight the Hulk or Sonic?

No weapons: Sonic would speed around the Hulk at 600 mph, making it impossible for the Hulk to land a hit. Sonic can then spam the Hulk with Spin Dash until the Hulk is rendered incapacitated. Sonic wins. Weapons: the Hulk uses objects such as cars to throw at Sonic. Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds (MORE)

Who would win predalien or super black predator?

If youve paid attention to the dark horse comics and the differences between the predators and sbp's in the movies you'll realize some key things. 1 the sbp's are much stronger and less traditional. they possess more advanced technology and weapons with much more strength. they dont go for the thril (MORE)

Who would win Sonic or Flash?

Sonic will dirt him because he's the speed of sound In a race, Flash would win because that's his only power. Sonic is slower.

Who would win Sonic or Superman?

sonic could go super making him 1000x more powerful,has beatenomnipotents, is invincible, is faster than 1000x the speed oflight, has chaos control, so sonic wins.

Who would win sonic or bowser?

Sonic. why? because sonic can run circles around bowser plus sonic's strength is pretty good, and also sonic can has big feet so he can beat him Mario style with stomping!

Who would win Spyro or sonic?

well sonic could just go super which makes him 1000x more powerful.and use chaos control to freeze time and destroy spyro. end ofstory

Who would win ironman or sonic?

Answer: super sonic. he is 1000x more powerful than normal sonic, can move at infinite speed, is invincible,has beaten omnipotents, and can fly,and chaos control. sonic wins. Zanababe get your facts straight before you answer, that will do you some real good. oh, i forgot there is much more than tha (MORE)

Who would win sonic or Godzilla?

Sonic, because with all the emeralds, and being able to become hyper, Sonic is almost indestructible. His speed in hyper form is increased 5000 fold, same with his strength. Therefore, Sonic would win.

Who do you think would win Rainbowdash or sonic?

Although This is your opinion I think sonic would win, I mean surerainbow has the advantage butwith sonics incredible speed she wouldbe able to touch him, also sonic can sorta fly since his spin dashattack from sonic X (u know when he goes into a ball and goes inthe air and flies) he can sorta fly k (MORE)

Who would win sub zero or sonic?

i think sonic would win but then again sub zero may freeze sonicbut sonic can just turn super and kill subzero before he even seenit coming