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Who wrote a book without any punctuation?

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Self proclaimed Lord Timothy Dexter.

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Punctuation after such as is what?

i believe there is a comma. but i also believe there can be a colon. Ex: There are many kinds of fruits such as, bananas, oranges and apples. Ex: There are many kinds of f (MORE)

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Who wrote more books in the Bible than any other?

  The DeuteronomistAn anonymous author now known as the Deuteronomist is believed to have written seven books: Deuteronomy as well as Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 (MORE)

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What punctuation do you use to join two sentences without a conjunction?

Two sentences can be joined, as clauses, by a semicolon.   Here's an example sentence:    The repairman studied the damage to my fender; he was assessing the  dama (MORE)

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Who wrote more books of the Bible than any one else?

In regard to the Old Testament Moses is reasonably considered by  scholars to have written the books which bear his name, or at  least, in the case of Genesis, to have been (MORE)

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How do you punctuate a series of books?

When punctuating a series of books you would generally separate the  titles with commas but it depends upon if you are writing casually  or academically. Consulting a style (MORE)