Who wrote a book without any punctuation?

Self proclaimed Lord Timothy Dexter.

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Punctuation after such as is what?

i believe there is a comma. but i also believe there can be a colon. Ex: There are many kinds of fruits such as, bananas, oranges and apples. Ex: There are many kinds of f (MORE)

Who wrote more books of the Bible than any one else?

Answer     Paul     Thirteen epistles have been attributed to Paul. At least seven Pauline epistles are widely considered to be genuine, and of these five ha (MORE)

Who wrote the Book of Numbers in the Bible?

Moses wrote the book of Numbers mainly. He did not write the whole book however there were a few other authors.   A:   The Book of Numbers is traditionally attributed (MORE)

Using Different Forms of Punctuation: the Semi-Colon, Colon, or Dash

Most people have exclusively used commas and periods in their writing. While these punctuation marks will always be the most commonly used, there are three more characters tha (MORE)

Implementing Special Punctuation: Parentheses, Brackets, or Ellipsis Points

The most specialized forms of punctuation are parentheses, brackets, and ellipsis points. Since they are used less frequently than any other punctuation mark, you can assume t (MORE)

Semi or Colon? Colon Punctuation

A semicolon is a powerful punctuation mark that when used properly can actually increase your writing quality. The colon can do the same thing, but it has many more uses in En (MORE)
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Question or Statement: What is Punctuation?

Punctuation is a set of symbols used to indicate the structure of a sentence. Depending on the style of writing, punctuation may change the rhythm, or stress speaking. An excl (MORE)

Who wrote more books in the Bible than any other?

  The DeuteronomistAn anonymous author now known as the Deuteronomist is believed to have written seven books: Deuteronomy as well as Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 (MORE)