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Why are dads called dads?

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Because there dad told them
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What is a dad?

A dad is a man that loves you a lot.He is the husband of your mother.   that guy who always yells

What are Dads?

Dads are males who have children. They look after their kids with great care and teach them how to live their life! DAD I LOVE U!

Why is there a dad?

there is a dad because without him yo would not be alive to ask this question. :) ~d.qt

Why do I not have a dad?

In order to make babies it takes a mom and dad to make one so you do have a dad somewhere. You should sit down and talk to your mother or step-mother and ask her these questio
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How do you get your dad to you?

gather the shackles of Azinbar, the stapler of baudbogatu, and the  eye of the humping giraffe. only then you can get dad to you.