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Raisins are healthy because they have plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and some minerals as well, including iron, potassium, etc. Also, raisins are simply sun-dried grapes, which makes them fruit.
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Answer   Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisin

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Are raisins healthy?

Yes raisins are healthy! and if you don't believe me you can go to thiswebsite and check it out okay here it is : http:/www.askkids.com and click on America's walking:heathy w

What is raisins?

  A sweet grape dried either in the sun or by artificial means.

Why do raisin brand raisins float?

  They are drier than most raisins you purchase in the store.
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How many raisins are there in raisin bran?

it depends I would say about 5009 because there are always different amounts of raisins in raisin bran. There if no exact number because if you count them in one box there is
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