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Why are some dogs police dogs?

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Because they have the correct temperament and abilities
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How are police dogs valuable?

They help the police men track a person They bond with the police men which makes it fun and entertaining They guard the place They learn to protect the owner from dange

Name something police dogs?

The dedicated policeman dogs wanted criminals.

How high can a police dogs jump?

depends on the type of dog it is, bloodhound, germanshepherd or what ever else kind the use. id say on average about 6feet high but some germanshephards have ben known to jump

Are Police Dogs great with kids?

Do you mean a German Shepard or an actual dog used in the police services? Really it doesn't matter because either way it depends on the dog. German Shepards are known for bei

Why do police need dogs?

It's because dogs have an acute sense of smell, and other senses. With proper training police can use their sense of smell to detect drugs, contraband, to chase down a crimina

Why do police dogs bite?

Police dogs are trained to hold or restrain a suspect, which usually entails the dog biting and holding the suspects' forearm or upper arm to stop him or her from escaping. Po