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Why can you not donate blood if you have taken beef insulin?

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beef insuline is not as humane vaccine
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How much blood is taken when donating blood?

Most blood collection facilities in the US use 500 mL whole blood collection sets. An additional 50 mL may be obtained for FDA required screening tests. FDA.gov AABB.org

How much blood is taken when you donate blood?

Current FDA guidelines allow the collection of 10.5 mL per kilogram body weight of whole blood from volunteer blood donors. The majority of blood collection facilities in the

What does insulin do to your blood?

Insulin doesn't affect your blood, it captures the sugar that u eat or is produced naturally, and it "eats" the sugar and it controls how high your blood sugar gets so it does

Blood donation is the best donation?

Yes. When you donate blood, you save lives. Each pint of blood saves three or four lives diagnosed with blood disorders such as hematoma.

When should insulin be taken?

Insulin is taken when the blood sugar is high and can not be controlled by diet & exercise.