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Why cant you sleep at night?

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Some time because of bad partner of bed also we cannot sleep properly there are
some tips:
  • Avoid or limit your use of caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate), decongestants, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Exercise more often, but don't exercise within a few hours before going to bed.
  • Learn to reduce or manage the stress in your life.

For More detail:http://www.somulin.info
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How do you sleep at night if you cant?

Well, it is best to play some nice soft music, if that doesn't work then just think about nice gentle soft things and finally if that doesn't work just lay in bed and close yo

A person who cant sleep easily at night?

A person who can't sleep easily at night might be suffering from a number of factors either Psychological or Physical. Psychological problems could include outside related i

What do you do if you cant sleep at night?

well u could try realaxation things like brething in and out or a nice glass of warm milk and listen to some southing music if none of this helps try see a doctor to help it c

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Hi, I had that same problem a couple weeks ago. There are a couple things you can do: 1) You can play a game on a tablet or computer or phone etc. Playing games can make you t

Im 14 and cant sleep at night is that a problem?

Unusual for someone that age but insomnia at times is normal for everyone-it depends on how often it occurs. If frequent examine your schedule closely and make any needed adju

What about if you lay down tired and cant sleep all night?

I use a product called, "Night Rest" by Source Naturals that I bought at my health food store. It has some melatonin in it, but also GABA, skullcap, chamomile flower, lemon ba