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Why did Bilbo name his knife Sting?

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Immediately before naming the sword, Bilbo is described as being like a small fly, caught in the web of one of the giant spiders of Mirkwood. After he draws his sword and kills the spider, he dubs the sword Sting. While it's never explicitly stated why he chooses the name Sting, the timing of events makes the answer plain: the spider had thought he had a helpless insect in his web but it turns out that the fly had a powerful sting, like a bee, a hornet, or a wasp. A sting is a defense weapon insects might use against spiders and it is a kind of weapon a spider would understand - the spiders themselves refer to his sword as "a sting" (lowercase - i.e. not a proper noun). It's as if rather than the spiders being made large, Bilbo has been made small and is defending himself against spiders with an insect's weapon.
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How did Bilbo get the name 'Stinging Fly'?

The spiders were trying to catch him in their webs as if he was a fly. He pulled out his knife and killed many of them with it. They said that this fly has a sting and that le

What is the name of Bilbo Baggins's book?

A Hobbit's Tale, or There and Back Again.

Where did Bilbo get sting?

The large knife that he used as a sword came from the lair of the trolls.

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How did Bilbo's knife get its name sting?

Bilbo gives it that name after he defeats the spiders in Mirkwood. He's referring to himself being the stinging fly who fights back, and the sword is his sting.