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Why did Mark not include post-resurrection appearances?

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Mark's Gospel originally ended at verse 16:8, when the young man explained that Jesus had risen, and the women fled in fear, telling no-one. The "Long Ending" (there was also, at one stage, a "Short Ending") was added much later.

Mark's Gospel was the source gospel used by the authors of Matthew and Luke, for their information about the life and mission of Jesus, in addition to which they relied on the hypothetical 'Q' document for sayings attributed to Jesus. The 'Q' document says nothing about the crucifixion or resurrection of Jesus. Although the authors of Matthew and Luke knew nothing about the life and mission of Jesus, they each added information about the resurrection and the appearances of the risen Jesus to his apostles. And each gospel gave a different account than the other.

Mark had not added post-resurrection accounts because he knew none. His gospel ended intriguingly at a point where the reader could imagine the consequences of the crucifixion and, perhaps, imagine what would happen next. Matthew had Jesus meet the two women on the road, while Luke had the risen Jesus meet two men on the road, so the "Long Ending" simply had Jesus appear to two of them, thus elegantly harmonising the two accounts of Matthew and Luke.
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