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Why did the Crow Indians count coup?

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Crow Indians counted coups to demonstrate their bravery in combat. Killing an enemy isn't brave; but, striking an enemy with a coups-stick and living through the event, showed courage. Counting coups was one of four things a warrior had to do to becaome a chief: count coups, take a horse from an enemy, lead a successful raid, and take a weapon from an enemy. The warrior that had done the most of the four qualifiers was head chief. ~ Awe'
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What is counting coup?

American Indians counted coup in combat. Touching the enemy with your spear or hatchet and that earned you points. Warriors had a coup stick which was decorated with feathers

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What does counting coupe mean?

  Counting coupe is a term that describes a way of Native American warfare where no blood was shed, but rather hitting your opponent with a stick or such on the head was t

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How did the crow Indians get the name crow?

Like the names of most tribes in North America, it is the result of the ignorance of white Americans and consequent misunderstanding. Crow is not the name of the tribe; they

What are Sioux Indian counting coups?

Counting coups is a way to show courage in a battle by going very close to the enemy and touch him without hurting.It's counted more brave to come closer and and touch an enem

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