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Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry to enhance the beauty of the women and increase the stature of the men. The wealthier the person the more elaborate the jewelry worn.
They thought that rings and amulets could keep away evil sprits and prevent injury. Both men and women wore pierced earrings, armlets, bracelets, and anklets. Wealthy people wore jewelled or beaded collars, necklaces, and pendants of precious stone and metals. P.S. did you notice that black stuff Egyptian portraits have on their eyes? Well, they are called kohl and it also help Egyptians help fight eye infections and reduced the glare of the brilliant sun of Egypt.
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Why did the ancient Egyptians wear amulets?

There were two reason that Egyptians wore amuletes. The first is for just looking good, and rich. The other reason is religon. They believed that if they had a Scarab with the

What did ancient Egyptian men wear?

Men of all social classes wore a wrap-round skirt called a schenti which was tied at the waist using a belt. The length of the schenti varied depending on the fashion of the t

What kind of jewelry did ancient Egyptians wear?

Wealthy Ancient Egyptians wore gold jewelry and turquoise and lapis lazuli stones but poor egyptians wore beaded jewelry. But both poor and wealthy wore rings neclaces, and ea

What jewelry did they wear in ancient china?

There have been various kinds of body adornments (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) for thousands of years, and China is no exception. In ancient China, some jewelry was made

What did ancient Egyptian slaves wear?

Their most basic garments were made of undyed flax cloth. Some may have had linen. Most male slaves wore a short linen kilt whilst their female counterparts a skirt extending

Why did the ancient egyptians put jewelry in their tombs?

The ancient Egyptians wanted their dead loved ones spirits to have everything they would need in the afterlife.Jewelry, makeup, and clothing was placed in tombs so they would

What kind of jewelry do egyptians wear?

Egyptians wore crowns, wigs, combs made of Ivory, jade, gold, or resin-ed papyrus. necklaces, earrings and amulets, charms ,and bracelets. Mostly rich Egyptians wore these. Me

Why did ancient Egyptians wear kohl?

Egyptians wore kohl because it protected their eyes from infection, reduced glare and they used it as eye makeup.

Did ancient Greeks wear jewelry?

yes they wore it because they want to be beautiful.

Why did ancient egyptians bury jewelry with them?

They thought that they would live in an after life so they buried their jewellery with them so that they could have it in the after life.

Why did the ancient Egyptians make jewelry?

Ancient Egyptians made jewellry because they thought it made them look more important. If you had bangles up to your elbows then people would know how wealthy you are.