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Why do Christian's give presents at Christmas?

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To symbolise the three wise men giving Jesus his gifts. And to prove their love and loyalty for Jesus. Christmas is celebrating Jesus and showing friends and family how much you love and care about them.
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Why do people give presents on Christmas?

In the Christian religion, gifts are given on Christmas tocelebrate the biggest gift of all; God giving us His only son,Jesus. The giving of gifts are also based on the gifts

Why do people give presents at Christmas?

It is tradition that has been passed down through the ages that says that the three kings gave presents on the night of the birth of CHRIST. That is why we give presents at CH

Who gives children presents at Christmas?

Usually it's your parents or other family members, while friends give you presents as well. However, the traditional gift-bringer in many westernised countries is "Santa Claus

What is the best present to give for Christmas?

  The gift of "Love".   Every single person on the planet craves to be loved, not always in the "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" way, but to know some one cares for them enought

When do they give presents at Christmas in France?

Traditionally, in northern and eastern France, the main day for  giving presents was St. Nicholas' Day (Dec 6). That tradition is  lost and it is by now customary to give pr

What is the origin for giving presents at Christmas?

During this period, the nacimiento (Nativity scene) is quite prominent. What is involved in this? Well, in public areas as well as in churches and homes, scenes are set up wit

Can you give Christmas presents to a Muslim?

Yes, you can technically give a Muslim a Christmas present. However I would highly suggest that you do not directly call it a christmas present as this may offer some. Instead