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Why do Scrooge and his girlfriend break up?

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Because he got the business and he had fallen in love with all the money and had no time or any respect for others. he loved her but loved money more
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How should you break up with your girlfriend?

There's a lot of ways to break up like in a text, letter, on the phone, or just face to face. Face to face is the best way because you are showing her ( as in your girlfriend)

How did Belle break up with Scrooge?

Belle was betrothed in marriage to Scrooge. When Belle noticed that  Scrooge was becoming more work focused and sought to earn evermore  money he lost most interest in her -

Why did Scrooge break up with belle?

He was once engaged to Belle but she released him of his promise as  another idol, a golden one had taken Scrooges heart (money)

How do you break up with your girlfriend by text?

I am the person that posted this and need to add a bit of detail to it. Firstly I need to say that the reason I'm braking up with her by text is because when we started goin

How to break up with your girlfriend with out breaking her hart?

There really is no one way to avoid heartbreak... If she cares about you, she'll be upset. Don't take it personally if she says hurtful things to you; hurt people hurt people.