Why do bank use the term credit instead of debit?

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Banks use Credit because Debit makes it sound like a debt, while credit sounds like YOU get something. If it sounds like a debt, you spend less and the bank loses money.

With a credit card, the company is advancing you money on your promise to pay, a debit card means you already have the money in your account.
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Why would someone use a bank instead of a credit union?

Answer 1 . Some of the reasons a person would use a bank instead of a credit union include:\n. \n1. There is no credit union within a reasonable distance, making a nearby

Can i create a PayPal account using a visa debit card instead of credit card?

Yes, you can - you can even use a direct bank account and routing number. However, be sure to read PayPal's policies and recommendations. PayPal will directly deposit AND with

Why do banks use credits for increase and debits for decrease?

Let's view this from the Bank's point when it comes to CASH! For example, you deposit Cash in to your account, the bank credits your account (which is opposite of what a compa

Is a bank deposit slip a credit or debit?

A bank deposit slip is used for credit. Credit is an action in which money is deposited into a bank account. For doing so, we need to fill a deposit slip. The deposit slip con
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What is credit and debit in banking sector?

In banking parlance, Credit refers to a transaction where funds came into the account under question and Debit refers to a transaction where funds were taken out from the acco