Why do butterflies have sticky feet?

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A butterflies feet are sticky because they use them to taste. A butterfly uses its feet to taste the nectar of flowers and nectar is a sticky substance.
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Why do butterflies taste with their feet?

Because they have taste receptor on their feet. In fatct, butterflydoesn't has any mouth except proboscis which is used to drink juiceor necter. However, only feet can taste w

Do butterflies have feet?

Yes and they use their feet to smell. Smell Butterflies have a very well-developed sense of smell, but it's not in their nose (since they don't have one). Sense receptors

Do ants have sticky feet?

It Depends On The Type Of Ant. Their Are Loads Of Different Types But Most Do Have Sticky Feet. If You Give Me A Type Of Ant I Could Tell You More Sorry ! :D

True or why butterflies taste with their feet?

Yes, it is true. Butterflies taste with their feet as their taste sensors are located there. They can taste food by just standing on it. They don't have mouths that allow them

Why are frogs feet sticky?

A Frog's Feet Is Sticky Because It Helps It Balance Itself From Falling From A Branch Or Something. It Also Helps Put Up A Smell And Helps 3% To Keep A Predater (HOWEVER U
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Why do frogs need sticky feet?

Frogs have sticky feet because, when frogs mate there sperm goes on the baby's eggs and when they hatch the sperm goes on the frogs feet.

Are salamander's feet sticky?

Maybe They are sticky because... you see salamander's in dark places and under rocks .. have you ever seen a salamander under rock sticking it's feet with it? i don't know if