Why do butterflies have sticky feet?

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A butterflies feet are sticky because they use them to taste. A butterfly uses its feet to taste the nectar of flowers and nectar is a sticky substance.
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Why is semen sticky?

Because there is a small amount of mucus and sugar in semen, thus making it slimy and sticky. It helps the sperm maneuver around better.

What does sticky keys do?

There are people with limited use of their fingers who can't holddown more than one key at a time. This makes it hard for them toissue a Print (command-P) or New Document (command-N) command, orCut (command-X), Copy (command-C) and Paste (command-V) things intoplace. Sticky Keys makes the computer (MORE)

What are butterflies?

They are beautiful winged insects that have a 2 inch wing span. Their wings have different colours.

Why are slugs sticky?

Answer . Slugs' bodies are made up mostly of water, and without a full-sized shell to retreat into, their soft tissues are prone to desiccation. They must generate protective mucus to survive. Many species are most active after rain. In drier conditions they hide in damp places under tree bark, f (MORE)

Why is syrup sticky?

It is mainly because of the main ingredients, sugar and water inside it. Sugar becomes sticky when mixed with water.

What do butterflies do?

Butterflies flitter their wings and fly in hot areas Butterflies serve 2 important purposes, they bring beauty to the world, and they help with the pollination of flowering plants.

Why is ice sticky?

Your body is mostly made of water. When you touch a very cold object, for example ice or metal, it freezes the water in your fingers and the object together. This can only happen with anything with a little bit of moisture on it: ice does not stick to dry objects, as there is no water there to freez (MORE)

Why is glue sticky?

Glues like the ones used at school are made up of long chains called polymers, which are a bit like spaghetti strands. When you glue 2 pieces of paper together the polymers get into all the microscopic cracks and crevices in the paper, (a bit like ink soaking into the porous surface of paper). As it (MORE)

Why is the stigma sticky?

The stigma is sticky so that it can pick up the pollen grains easier, or, in other words, so that the pollen wll stick to it.

Why do butterflies taste with their feet?

Because they have taste receptor on their feet. In fatct, butterflydoesn't has any mouth except proboscis which is used to drink juiceor necter. However, only feet can taste waht they drink.

What is a sticky forum?

When a Forum Thread is made 'Sticky' is stays at the top of that Forum 'category' and this is normally done by Forum Moderators.

What does the butterfly do?

Butterflies have a series of things they do. For us, they pollenate, like bees. But their pollenation is accidental, the pollen clings to their abdomen. A Butterflie's self-goals in life are to fly, eat, mate, lay eggs, then die.

Do butterflies have feet?

Yes and they use their feet to smell. Smell Butterflies have a very well-developed sense of smell, but it's not in their nose (since they don't have one). Sense receptors located in their antennae, feet, and many other parts of the body help butterflies find food (usually flower nectar), and ma (MORE)

Why are red eyed tree frogs feet sticky?

So they can hang on to stuff and hop around! :) ALSO It Helps put a smell that Keeps enemies away! It smells uh..*COUGH*..Bad! D': DON'T SMELL A FROG'S FEET!

Is glue sticky?

Most glue is sticky to the touch, as this is part of its function. However, various glues and adhesives may not feel sticky, and only adhere through the addition of heat (hot glue), moisture (envelopes), or pressure (glue dots).

Do ants have sticky feet?

It Depends On The Type Of Ant. Their Are Loads Of Different Types But Most Do Have Sticky Feet. If You Give Me A Type Of Ant I Could Tell You More Sorry ! :D

What is sticky keys?

Sticky keys are (shift, ctrl, Alt) basically this is used by handicap person.They dont have to press combination keys at same time first u can press one key give a pause press the another one Sticky keys can be activated by pressing right shift keys 5 times you will get a beep sound

Where do you get butterflies?

You can get butterflies several ways. Because your question isn't really clear, we'll cover two different ways to obtain butterflies. 1) Plant a garden with host and nectar plants. Butterflies are attracted to nectar plants to feed and to host plants to lay eggs. Butterflies will come to your garden (MORE)

Who is sticky vicky?

While Benidorm does have an amazing variety of nightlife, and there certainly is something to suit people all tastes, one of the more controversial acts that can be found on offer is that of the infamous 'Sticky Vicky'. Only suitable for those, shall we say, with an open mind, this adult erotic perf (MORE)

Why do lizards have sticky pads on the underside of its 4 feet?

They do not - and not many lizards can climb smooth surfaces.. The pads on the lizards that can climb glass are covered in millions of tiny hairs/bristles and the ends of these have a tiny spot of liquid - like an oil. The phenomenon that is used to enable them to climb smooth surfaces is surface t (MORE)

Why are sticky notes sticky?

They have an adhesive on part of the back. The adhesive is generally not strong enough to make a good glue, but it's tacky enough to make a decent temporary attachment. Low M w Poly(acrylates) (actually, oligo-acrylates would probably be a better term) tend to be good candidates for this kind of ad (MORE)

What is the sticky stuff on sticky tape?

Tape such as duct tape owes its stickiness to pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). It is made from a solid polymer base that "blends" to a surface when pressure is applied.

Why is water sticky?

Water is not sticky, many the reason your water is sticky is because it is dirty.

Why is sap sticky?

I believe It is sticky because of the sugar that is inside the tree (ie. Glucose, sucrose)

True or why butterflies taste with their feet?

Yes, it is true. Butterflies taste with their feet as their taste sensors are located there. They can taste food by just standing on it. They don't have mouths that allow them to bite or chew, instead they have a long straw-like structure called a proboscis which they use to drink nectar and juices. (MORE)

Why is snot sticky?

Its function is to take dust out of the air as it passes through your nostrils to the lungs. That's why it is sticky.

Why are frogs feet sticky?

A Frog's Feet Is Sticky Because It Helps It Balance Itself From Falling From A Branch Or Something. It Also Helps Put Up A Smell And Helps 3% To Keep A Predater (HOWEVER U SPELL THAT!) Away From The Frog! (Heres A True Fact): Frogs Need Air To Breath A Kind Of Oxygen That Powers Up Their Bodi (MORE)

Why is molasses sticky?

Cause pink and ocean dolphins mate over the molasses seaweed. Molasses comes from a seaweed found in coral reefs of the pacific Ocean. People often mistake molasses for being a house hold use, when really its for dolphins to sleep on.

Why is sticky rice sticky?

So it sticks together. If you're from a culture that uses chopsticks, eating rice would be very hard if the grains were entirely seperate. It'd be a lot of hard work. So in these cultures, the rice is made to stick to other grains so they can be eaten more easily with chopsticks.

What is this butterfly?

A butterfly is a wispy little thing. Abloom with colors and form. It skittles, scampers, wafts and wanes along mostly wherever it likes. It is a giver of wonder and beauty. It is a reminder not to be out of time, for one might miss a moment to cherish.

What is a butterfly?

A butterfly is a flying insect of the order Lepidoptera .Its body is made up of a head, thorax and abdomen, and like allinsects, it has six jointed legs. It has four wings which, togetherwith the six legs, are attached to the thorax. A butterfly's wingsare characterised by iridescent and colourful (MORE)

Where did the phrase sticky sticky no sticky no sticky come from?

I read in Readers Digest a long time ago that it was a Native American saying about snow conditions but I remember it as "sticky no sticky no sticky sticky". And meaning if the snow is sticky and can be made into a snowball it won't be around long, and if it is not sticky, not able to be made into a (MORE)

Why do frogs need sticky feet?

Frogs have sticky feet because, when frogs mate there sperm goes on the baby's eggs and when they hatch the sperm goes on the frogs feet.

How is a sticky note sticky?

The sticky note is stick because the people who make the sticky note make it sticky on the back so they will stick to stuff like desk, walls, ect...

How do you do a butterfly?

If you mean the stretch you: sit down on the ground and pull your feet up to your crotch and stretch:)

Are salamander's feet sticky?

Maybe They are sticky because... you see salamander's in dark places and under rocks .. have you ever seen a salamander under rock sticking it's feet with it? i don't know if you have :D but.. the real reson is that some salamanders are sticky and some are not .. hope you get the answer :)

Is sticky an adjective?

yes. because you never really say... "OMG! LOOK AT THE STICKY!" that is if it were a noun... or... "LOOK HOW WELL HE CAN STICKY! it being used as a verb. so obviously it's not a verb or an adjective. but... you can say... "EEW..... THE SEAT IS STICKY..." used as an adjective .... see??? hope this he (MORE)

What are sticky tails?

when the restriction enzymes cut off the ends of the DNA, they become "sticky" so that they are easily glued back together

How can you get a butterfly?

You can use a butterfly net to catch them, otherwise you might be able to go to a garden store or nursery (they might have butterflies). If you don't mind taking care of caterpillars, you can either check the host plant for that specific larvae and raise it until it becomes a butterfly. You also can (MORE)

Is petrol sticky?

Petrol is a term that makes up many different products. The products are made from petroleum or crude oil. These products have qualities that make them slick rather than sticky which is why many of them are used as lubricants and solvents.

How sticky is graphite?

Very (NOT) Graphite is in fact known for being the exact opposite to sticky.It is used as a lubricant in many areas where you want parts tomove even more smoothly than oil can do.

Why stigma is sticky?

The stigma of a flower is sticky in order to trap the pollen grains that land on them and prepare them for pollination.