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People wear clothes for many different reasons. To cover up their private parts (such as under garments, loin cloths, and so on). To show who they, such as with fancy or expensive clothes that indicate rank or station, or uniforms indicating profession (baseball player, chef, letter carrier, nurse). Sometimes clothes are worn to look good, such as tuxedos to celebrate a wedding, dance, or other festive occasion, or suits at a funeral or church service. There are all kinds of different reasons. My purpose for clothing is to establish a personal identity and to reveal something of my personality.

Clothes are worn for many reasons:

  • Protection from wind and sun
  • Insulation from the cold
  • Protection from cuts and scratches
  • Ornamentation
  • Cultural identity
  • For identification of social position
  • To "assure" morality and modesty
  • To cover deformity
  • To enhance beauty
  • As ostentatious shows of wealth
  • As emblems of authority
  • Sanitary reasons

There are many reasons for wearing clothing.
People wear clothing to keep warm or to protect them from the elements.
People wear clothing to cover specific areas of the body for various reasons.
People wear clothing to either attract attention or to hide from attention.
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