Why do people who are deaf from birth have difficulties talking?

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i guess b/c they have never heard noise so they cannot make it.
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How do people who are totally deaf from birth articulate their thoughts?

If a person is totally deaf from birth. They have never heard any language or words for that matter. So they would pretty much have their own way of processing thoughts.

Why are people deaf?

answ2. Some folk are born deaf, or with very limited hearing. This is usually due to a genetic defect , but some diseases during pregnancy can cause deafness. Mumps, measl

How do blind and deaf people talk?

They probably talk by using sign language. Do you mean people who are both deaf and blind; like Helen Keller, or do you mean like one person who's blind and one person who's d

How can deaf people talk?

Interesting question. Well, if the deaf person wasn't born deaf but developed a disease to cause him/her to become deaf later on in life, then that person would know how to sp

Why can't deaf people talk?

They can, it is just that, without the help of hearing aids, they may feel insecure and quite shy. However, with some deaf people who wear hearing aids, you can even tell they

How do people get deaf?

You can easily get deaf from very loud noises, or it can just happen as a result of old age.

How can you learn to talk to deaf people?

Deaf people communicate in a variety of ways. So first you need to determine which form you need/want to learn. If you want to learn American Sign Language then you should tak

Can people talk if they are deaf?

"I'am not sure about this question because some people say that you cant but actually i think you can because deaf people have only lost one of their seses not two. looool" wa

Are deaf people lucky to be deaf?

Being deaf, I don't find deafness as a sign of weakness; just aninability to hear. I truly am lucky to be deaf. I could communicatewith a beautiful language- ASL. (American Si