Why do planets look like stars in night sky?

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The sun shines on the surfaces of the planets, which reflects back to earth. The planets are smaller and much dimmer than stars, but since the stars are so far away, their light is scattered and appear to have the same brightness as the planets.
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What are the objects floating in the night sky they seems like stars moving across the sky Are they planets or a sattlite or moving stars?

It is not definite that the objects that you saw is satellites, but there is a high percentage that they are. There are TV satellites and others as well. Not every single one

Why is looking at a star in the night sky like seeing back into time?

The stars you see at night are light years away. That means thatthe light from them has taken years for to reach us. Therefore wesee that star as it was years ago. Contrary to

Looks like a red star in the night sky?

Well if it looks like a red star, then it's not a star. A good guess would be the planet Mars. Without more details, location, time, direction, it's difficult to be precise

Why do some planets look like stars to us in the sky even though there not?

Because the are so far away from earth Well we all know each planet dose not illuminate like earth dose not shine. What causes this is that the planet is so far away that wh

How can you tell the difference between a star and a planet when looking up at the night sky?

Two ways. The less accurate is to look closely at the object. If it twinkles even slightly, it is a star - if it shines with a steady light, it is likely a planet. On a very s

Why do stars look like tiny points of light in the night sky?

It's because we are very, very, very distant (far away) ,that can be long as space which is endless according to scientists, from the stars. In space they are actually very, v

What planets look like stars in night sky?

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Neptune looks like a star too, but is only visible in telescopes. Uranus can be seen with the naked eye on really dark ni
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Why can you see stars and planets in the night sky?

You see stars because nuclear fusion is going on inside them,generating huge amounts of energy, and some of it leaves the star in the form ofvisible light. In other words, sta