Why do producers give out coupons?

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Today more and more manufacturers to participate in the market, so beside improving goods quality, they implement promotion to competitive with others. Coupons is one of promotion types. Consumers get coupons or coupon codes to have more favor from retailers and manufactures such as: discount, free shipping, buy some get one, ....
The better service manufactures provide, the more belief consumers reply.
  These are marketing tactics that work best in the competitive markets.
Coupons are help companies in retaining existing customers and also bring new customers.
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What is the definition of coupon and give examples of coupon?

Coupon is the type of consumer promotion that companies offer to their customers. A type of discount that customers get on shopping. Coupon is a paper or card that contain

How do you do coupons?

Well you can obviously take them to the store and get the Value taken off your product. Why, when you can purchase a generic for way less? True, you would want to maximize you

Where do you get the coupons?

I print coupons, get them in the newspaper, get then off products (peelies), get sent coupons, and request coupon books.
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How often should an enterprise give away a coupon?

Coupons are used by business enterprises to attract buyers with a discounted item, hoping they will purchase additional items and/or become return customers. The frequency at
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Why do Clinique give money off coupons?

Most businesses give coupons to promote their product. In order to earn more money, the president must make a product look more appealing to the consumers so he can dominate t