Why do scientists use indirect methods to study the ocean floor?

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People have studied the ocean since ancient times , because the ocean provides food and serves as a route for trade and travel.
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What is a scientist who studies the ocean?

The general study of the ocean (its form, environment, and living creatures) is done by an oceanographer , often called "marine scientist." The specific study of living things in the ocean comes under the purview of a "marine biologist" and there are various specific studies of flora and fauna. (MORE)

What is the methods used by the political scientists in the study of political science?

Political Scientists are just like any other scientist, except that they study politics. They use things like official records to trace patterns in what they're studying. They use different types of historical documents as well. They also use secondary sources like scholarly journal articles, survey (MORE)

What is one method a scientist might use to study sleep and learn about sleep habits?

An EEG can be used to monitor the brainwaves during sleep, the 4 different waves are beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta waves are more common during waking hours, as well as REM sleep (hence: paradoxical sleep), alpha waves typically occur during the period before light sleep, IE drowsiness. Theta (MORE)

What did scientist find while studying the ocean floor?

They've found lots of things, but geologically the most significant find of the 20th century was probably the discovery of the volcanically active Mid-Atlantic Ridge which led to further studies and discoveries indicating the processes of plate tectonics.

How do scientists use sound waves to figure out the shape of the ocean floor?

They send down a sound wave (whose velocity they know) and measure how much time it takes for it to return. Velocity=Distance/time Distance=Velocity*time They divide the distance by 2 (since the sonar wave has to return as well.) They make thousands of these measurements to make a map of the oce (MORE)

How did the use of sonar change scientists ideas about ocean-floor topography?

because it's hard for scientists to be able to get clear pictures down at that level, 1000's of feet below the surface because the pressure is so high, it's so far down, and it's so dark. when sonar came out scientists were able to know what was down there without actuallly taking pictures. It's lik (MORE)

What do scientists use to map the ocean floor?

sonar they use a sonar LIDAR or Sonar a sonar SONAR sends out ultrasonic sounds to the bottom of the sea and analyses how they bounce back sonar Sonar. with sonar by using soundwaves that create a image based off of the height of the object Bathymetric sonar and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). (MORE)

Why do scientists look at the ocean floor to research the mantle?

We look at the ocean floor to study the mantle because the ocean floor is made from rocks that were once part of the mantle but have be changed. These changes can be undone to a certain degree, and can allow us to study at the very least the major changes of the shallow mantle.

Instruments used to study ocean floor?

The study of oceanography allows scientists to study the oceanfloor and sea life. They study the floor using instruments such asa deep sea exploration vehicle.

How do scientist use scientific method?

Scientists use the scientific method when there's a problem thatcan't be solved. Because it is a logical, orderly way to solve aproblem or answer a question.The scientists follow the steps ofscientific method. 1.Observation 2.Gather info about the problem3.Formulate a hypothesis 4.Experiment 5.Recor (MORE)

Commonly used methods of indirect planet detection?

The most common method use to detect planets involve measuring the change in light intensity of a star. By observing and measuring the light output of a star over a period of time, regular, periodic fluctuations in the intensity of the light output can indicate a planet orbiting the star. As the pla (MORE)

What scientists use the scientific method?

Most scientists in the world use the scientific method because it is the best way to ensure that an experiment is done correctly and that the results can be reproduced.

What do scientist study in the ocean?

There are many various factors a Scientist can study in the ocean. A Marine Biologist would study marine life, how marine life acts, etc. When your studying the ocean, it's like your study a whole nother earth. Factors like temperture, reactions, sound travel and ancient history are also popular for (MORE)

How do scientist use sound waves to figure out the shape of the oceans floor?

They send down a sound wave (whose velocity they know) and measurehow much time it takes for it to return. Velocity=Distance/time Distance=Velocity*time They divide the distance by 2 (since the sonar wave has to returnas well.) They make thousands of these measurements to make a map of theocean f (MORE)

What methods do political scientists use?

Political scientists use a variety of social science methods. Broadly, there are three categories: qualitative, quantitative, and philosophical methods. The first two are primarily analytical and they focus on observing, describing, or predicting a political process. Some examples of qualitative (MORE)

Why do scientists have to use indirect evidence to study atoms?

-- The nucleus of the atom compared to the size of the whole atom is similar to a bunch of grapes compared to the size of Texas. -- If you want to SEE an atom, you would need to shine light on it and then magnify the image formed by the light that reflects from it ... exactly what you have to (MORE)

What are four methods that scientists use to study homologies in genetics?

The four methods that scientists use to study homologies include using HSPs in Viterbi algorithm, bi-directional Viterbi algorithm, biased hidden Markov models and using HSPs to position target regions. They also use Data sets which include Training data set of human genes and Validation and testing (MORE)

What methods can be used to sand a floor?

The first thing that you have to do is ensure that everything is clear from the room, since sanders typically create quite a mess. Then you'll need to rent a drum and edge sander. Lastly you'll be alternating between the two sanders depending on what section of the floor you'll be working on.