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Why do some countries give Christmas presents on 6th January each year?

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What is the origin for giving presents at Christmas?

During this period, the nacimiento (Nativity scene) is quite prominent. What is involved in this? Well, in public areas as well as in churches and homes, scenes are set up wit

What should you give your horse for Christmas like some kind of present?

EVERY horse I've ever been around LOVES carrots or sugar cubes. But a nice clover hay or alfalfa hay is always appreciated. A nice new brush & some extra "face time" without w

On Christmas do you give your son a present or will Santa?

That's usually something that Santa and the parents work out  together when he comes. Often, you give something to your son and  Santa brings him something too. But when fin

What are some Christmas presents for grandma?

It depends on what kind of gran you have, some grans might like a cooking set or a gardening set. If you're really stuck (which means that you don't know you're gran and don't

What sort of Christmas presents did they give Jesus?

The 3 Wise men from the East thought they were going to meet a great king and so they brought the most precious things they could think of. Frankincense is the dried sap from