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Why do we look up to our parent?

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they are Gods Creation
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Can you give up your parental rights?

Yes, you can relinquish your parental rights, however, if you are doing so to avoid payment of child support, most courts will not approve the relinquishment. Ultimately, the

Why do we look like our parents?

The way we grow and develop is determined by genes on the chromosomes which we receive from our parents in the egg and sperm. Individual genes contain 'recipes' for protein

Why do you look different then your parents and siblings?

Because your genes are only 50% similar to those of your parents and siblings. with half of your mother's genes and half of your father's genes in you, you will not appear the

Parents looking for children to adopt?

Any parent looking to adopt should check with their city/state about kids up for adoption. Contact a local adoption agency to find out who is up for adoption. Make sure you

How do you stand up to your parents?

Tell them whats on your mind about them or why you are mad at them and "fight fire with fire" or in other words if they deny, you deny too (Ex: if they send you to your room)

Why do animals look like their parents?

Because of something called DNA which is in all living things. Each living thing has it's own unique strand of DNA. Whenever something has a child, the child's DNA is going to

Why does a child not look like his parents?

it may just be for the time being. my sister has brown hair and looks NOTHING like my mom. my mother has blond hair and my sister has brown hair. my mother had brown hair as a

Why do you not look excactly like your parents?

you do not look exactly like either of your parents because you are a combination of both your parents and take traits from each of them so you look like a mix. Also if you ha

How can you get your parents to make up after a fight?

Horrible isn't it? My parents loved each other to bits but fought and argued all the time. I'm sure someone has a complicated explanation for that but the fact is that fight

Can your parents look up iPod history on a wifi router?

On a WI-FI router, or a computer? either way, the answer is no. unless they are extremely tech savvy, and have the right programs, yes. they can see that you're on the netwo

Is Joe Bastianich Italian All he talks about is his Italian Heritage when you look him up he has two Croatian Parents?

If you research the area of present day Croatia where his mother  (Lidia Bastianich of PBS cooking shows) was born, you'll find it's  a portion of Europe that has changed ha