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Why do we look up to our parent?

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they are Gods Creation
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Who do you look up to?

I look up to Lionel messi(soccer player plays for Barcelona and Argentina) and ovetchkin(hockey player plays for Washington capitals and Canada)

How long are cats looked after by their parents?

Depending on the mother and the kittens, some kittens start to become independent around twelve to sixteen weeks old. Some kittens keep suckling their mother for much longer.

Can your parents look up iPod history on a wifi router?

On a WI-FI router, or a computer? either way, the answer is no. unless they are extremely tech savvy, and have the right programs, yes. they can see that you're on the netwo

How do you tell a girl that looks up to you as a parental figure that you love her not as a parent but as someone whom is romantically interested?

You don't. If she looks up to you as a parental figure then she will probably freak if you make any advances, verbally or otherwise. This is a minefield. The age-differenc

Is Joe Bastianich Italian All he talks about is his Italian Heritage when you look him up he has two Croatian Parents?

If you research the area of present day Croatia where his mother  (Lidia Bastianich of PBS cooking shows) was born, you'll find it's  a portion of Europe that has changed ha