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Why do women have breasts?

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Women have breasts to feed their young children, much like other mammals do. The breasts contain the mammary glands that produce milk for infants. The breast do not normally produce milk until stimulated by hormones during pregnancy.

The one biological purpose of breasts is for nursing newborns. However they can have other uses in the context of intimacy.
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How do women feel about women with big breasts?

It depends, if they are comfortable with their size, if they have small breasts they might get jealous, but remember, everyone's different so are different views.

Why do women have breasts and men don't?

This is because women need there breast to produce milk for the child. This is not a stupid question. Its also a biological fact. Men do not have boobs. The reason behind this

Do women with big breasts get breast cancer?

Your breast size has nothing to do with how easy you get breast cancer . It can be hereditary also. But in big breasts it might be harder to see on the X-ray.

What are womens breasts?

they are the part of the female body where natural milk is stored for breastfeeding when women have newborn babies. a woman's breast is made up of about 15-25 milk-producing

Why do Asian women have small breast?

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Why women have breasts?

Women have breasts because, in the womb, genes tell the embryo thatit's going to be female. Female animals have breasts to store milkfor their young.