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Why do women have breasts?

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Women have breasts feed their children. The breasts contain the mammary glands that produce milk for infants. The breast do not normally produce milk until stimulated by hormones during pregnancy.
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Do women with big breasts get breast cancer?

Your breast size has nothing to do with how easy you get breast cancer. It can be hereditary also. But in big breasts it might be harder to see on the X-ray.

Why do womens breasts arose men?

Breats arouse men, because they are prohibited. If women were to walk around naked all the time, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It is the excitement of something "against

Does breast enlarge on women on intercourse?

Yes , breast of women become enlarged and tightened when she is having a anal or vaginal intercource. It because at that point level of sex harmones in female blood is at th

Why do Arab women have sexy breast?

They must be your personal type. They look no better or worse than other races to me.

Do women like big breasts?

yes. women love to be attractive to males by big boobs. they love showing them off! during sex males like to suck in them

Do women have hair on their breasts?

Humans in general have hair almost everywhere. Most of that hair tends to be a color that is very similar to our skin color, so it can be difficult to see unless it is numerou

Why do women like to have big breasts?

Women want to have big boobs because men want women to have big boobs. It's really that simple. Big boobs are uncomfortable and cumbersome, sometimes even painful. I very much

Does kissing enlarge womens breast?

yes...cause they got sexual sensation..that's why on that time their boob size getting bigger

How do you squeez womens breast breast?

put the both hands below and behind towards the breasts.strokesmoothly the two nipples .then squeeze both breasts moving breasts up and down.

Why do fat women have big breasts?

Fat women have big boobs just because there fat n there's fat cells in the females boob too not just body so as the body gets bigger so do the boobs,but they wear a push up br

Do women like to suck their breast?

Typically not, but it is greatly desired that someone else does it. But really, that's like asking if men like to suck their own penises.

Can men suck women breast?

They can, and it can in some cases cause an extent of arousal. Unless a woman is lactating the man will not be able to draw milk from the breast. It is common between many c
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Do women like breast smothering?