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Why do you need sex to survive?

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As an individual, you actually don't. Plenty of people survive just fine without. AS a species, we do. Otherwise there wouldn't be any Young ones to replace the ageing people.
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What do you need to survive?

Here are four main things you will need;    Food (Energy and water)  Shelter  Cloth(depends where you are)  The will to keep going   But for more long term surviva

What do starfish need for survival?

Starfish can regrow legs even if they are cut off and sometimes a cut off leg can grow into a new starfish. Starfish only need a piece of the center of their body to survie an

What is needed needed for survival of mars?

In order to survive on Mars we would need oxygen, food, water, higher atmospheric pressure, plants, animals, and a magnetic field to protect us from deadly radiation.

What are five needs animals need to survive?

There are many but these are the main ones. -Ideal Diet for the species in question -Freedom from pain/abuse or disease -Correct environment -Proper Social housing. E.g. An

Do fish need air to survive?

They have Respiratory gills and Fins through which they can take oxygen dissolved in the water. The blood in these fins of the fishes actually flow in tandem fashion so as to

Do people need nutrients to survive?

yes because for example vitamin c. Ferdinand Magellan didn't have it on his voyage so most people in the voyage died except some people who were eating fruit jam which contain
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What are 3 needs humans need to survive?

food, water, and shelter. Physical needs Food, water, shelter Plitical needs order, direction, protection physiological needs spiritchol, interaction with others, soc
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What needs do humans need in order to survive?

you'd need a completely enclosed biodome complete with dirt, plants, water, etc.. some people think we may find ice on the moon that could be used to produce drinking water an