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Why does Santa Claus wear red?

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The reason that Santa wears red is because Coca Cola created an advert of him in red and white so that he was Coca Cola colours.

But there's another theory...

Santa's sleigh has two runners, two tons of toys and eight reindeer
Two plus two plus eight makes twelve.
There are twelve inches in a foot.
Rulers are a foot long.
Queen Elizabeth II is a ruler and is also the name of the largest ship that sails the seven seas.
Seas have fish and fish have fins.
The Finns fought the Russians and the Russians are red.
Santa is always Russian (rushin') and that is why he is dressed in red!

does that mean that santa is russian?
Santa wears red because coca cola turned him that color. Santa was originally Green! also, it is a cheerful color.
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Who dressed Santa Claus in red?

  Coca-Cola, in numerous ads popularized the present Santa Claus costume with night cap, red and white basic colors, black Garrison Belt- and boots, usually black. There i

When did Santa Claus change from wearing red to green?

He hasn't. It is an imposter from a political movement. The red man is still the real one.   Since Kyoto. He wears green to offset the impression that he is creating

What is the symbolism of the red suit that Santa Claus wears?

Red is the corporate color of the Coca-Cola company. His red suit was the invention of the Coca-Cola marketing department in 1938. Traditionally, Santa Claus' outfit was green

Why is Santa Claus wearing red?

red stands for good luck dudes a2. Originally brown I believe, but CocaCola gave him the modern colours.

Does Santa Claus wear glasses?

Not really sure, there are many different pictures of him that depict him in different ways. Many do depict him with glasses but others do not.

What does Santa Claus wear?

Santa wears a jolly red suit and pants and black boots and a red  hat that sometimes has a white trim on it.

Why does Santa Claus wear red dress?

He doesn't, it is an extremely long normal coat. He wears red because Coca-Cola advertised him on there signs and bottles wearing red. They did this because red dye was normal