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The reason that Santa wears red is because Coca Cola created an advert of him in red and white so that he was Coca Cola colours.

But there's another theory...

Santa's sleigh has two runners, two tons of toys and eight reindeer
Two plus two plus eight makes twelve.
There are twelve inches in a foot.
Rulers are a foot long.
Queen Elizabeth II is a ruler and is also the name of the largest ship that sails the seven seas.
Seas have fish and fish have fins.
The Finns fought the Russians and the Russians are red.
Santa is always Russian (rushin') and that is why he is dressed in red!

does that mean that santa is russian?
Santa wears red because coca cola turned him that color. Santa was originally Green! also, it is a cheerful color.
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Who was the cartoonist to depict Santa Claus in his red-suited image?

The Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus in his red-suited image for Harper's Weekly in 1862. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years and along the way changed

Who first dressed Santa Claus red and white?

Coca Cola were the first group to dress Santa in red and white as a propaganda movement. This has now been adopted as Santa Claus' clothes, they were originally green and whit

Does Santa Claus wear suspenders?

Yes, Santa likes suspenders and he wears them often. Especially the  ones with little candy canes on them that Mrs. Claus made for him.

Did Santa Claus used to wear a different color?

People say that he used to have a different colored shuit when they didn't have scientists but i belive it's just a myth - - - - - Santa used to wear a green suit. He wears re

Why does Santa Claus wear red dress?

He doesn't, it is an extremely long normal coat. He wears red because Coca-Cola advertised him on there signs and bottles wearing red. They did this because red dye was normal

What colour did Santa Claus originally wear?

He originaly worn green but the coca cola company decided to use red in their commercials. Santa Clause was originally Green, however, Coca Cola changed him to red for their a

Why did Santa Claus change to be red and why?

  A Boston printer named Louis Prang introduced the English custom of Christmas cards to America, and in 1885 he issued a card featuring a red-suited Santa.

Why does Santa Claus wear a red suit?

Because Mrs. Claus likes red, and she made him a red suit. But he  likes to wear other colors too.

Why Santa wears red?

Santa Wears red because Coca cola turned him that colour.He was oringinaly GREEN!!!!!!   ------The above is simply not true. It is a common misconception that Santa's colou

When did Santa Claus suit become red?

His suit became red because Coca-Cola advertised him wearing their colours. He si now the modern Santa, but before that he always wore green, it's just that Coca-Cola have bee