Why does a bottle filled with cold water blast when kept in fridge?

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Water is an unusual liquid in that it expands as it freezes. This can cause it to break a glass container as the water content freezes.
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Can plastic water bottles be filled and used again after freezing?

it is said that freezing water in an ordinary plastic bottle can cause cancer, you may like me thinki this is very stupid when you first hear this, but it is true! when you freeze the water, bits of plastic freeze into the water and so when you are drinking the water, you are drinking bits of plasti (MORE)

How long can chicken be kept out of the fridge?

No longer than an hour or so if left out in room temp. Bacteria can start to grow on foods in an hour. Our stomach acids can kill some of these bacteria but not all. Foods should be kept out of the danger zone which is above 45 degrees and below 145 degrees. In this zone foods are perfect for bacter (MORE)

What cold water fish can be kept together?

You shouldn't keep long goldfish and the small fat ones tgether as they will just compete for food and as the small ones are not as quick they are likely not to be fed! however i have 2 long ones and 7 stumpy ones and they seem to be fine in the same tank! i olso have 3 small shrimps and neon fish (MORE)

Does filling the fridge or freezer actually help retain cold temperatures?

Yes, keeping the freezer full helps it retain the cold and keeps food frozen long in case there is a power out. Group foods together putting raw meats on the bottom, cooked meats above that, fruits and veggies next and breads and other baked goods that can't drip and contaminate foods on the top. (MORE)

Is it safe to keep bottled tap water in the fridge?

Yes it is safe. if the bottle is well sealed. If you boil the waterfirst killing many micro organisms and bacteria and store in asterilized bottle it will keep in definitely. Do not reuse plasticstore water bottles as they leach harmful chemicals. Glass isprobably best.

Is a bottle filled with oil and water a solute or a solvent?

Neither. "Solute" and "solvent" are used to refer to the components of a mixture or a solution. In such a case, a solute dissolves into another substance, called the solvent. A bottle filled with oil and water will not be a solution because the oil and water will not mix.

Why water kept in earthen pot remains cold?

The earhern pots used for keeping water cool in summer have small pores in it.water seeps in these pores and evaporates.as evaporation causes cooling, earthen pots remain cool.

How cold is Fridge Water?

That depends on how cold the fridge's thermostat is set. The only way to be sure is to measure the cold water with a thermometer.

Why is water kept in colored bottles?

There is no need to keep water in colored bottles and many people keep it in clear bottles. Some find colored bottles aesthetically pleasing and choose to use them for that reason.

Why do hot cans filled with water contract in cold water?

Hot waters in the cans has their molecules expanded because of the heat. To make the cans contract, it must be fully sealed after the heating. When the cans is suddenly cooled down, the waters molecules contracts swiftly thus leaving an empty space inside the can. This lower the pressure inside the (MORE)

What length can meat be kept in the fridge?

It depends on what meat you are talking about. Here is a rough guide and is based on 40 degree refrigerator: Ham 3-7 days Hot dogs, 1 week if opened, 2 weeks if unopened Bacon 7 days Fresh fish/shell fish 1-2 days Stuffed pork and lamb chops or chicken breasts 1 day Ground beef/chicken/ (MORE)

Why water droplets are formed on a bottle when it is taken out of the fridge?

It's because the water inside is cold.Thus it's temp is less.The water vapout around the bottle cools and condenses in the form of water droplets. ______________ Who said there was water in the bottle? There's evaporated water in the AIR that will condense when it comes into contact with a cold o (MORE)

Why does the water vapour surround the cold water bottle?

The water in the bottle is much colder than the air surrounding it, so the bottle cools the air immediately surrounding it through conduction. This causes the air to cool to its dew point, whereupon some of the moisture in the air will condense onto the bottle.

Should bethan fill up her water bottle after business?

maybe she should, maybe she shouldn't? hmmm... who asked this majestic question? hehehehehehhee . Show whether a business has made a PROFIT or LOSS over a financial year. . Describe how the profit or loss arose - e.g. categorising costs between "cost of sales" and operating costs. ell (MORE)

What happens when you put cold water in a bottle on top of hot water in a bottle?

When we place a water bottle with cold water on top of a water bottle with hot water the particles in the hot water bottle rise, pushing the cool particles to the bottom. This is a type of heat transfer called convection. Basically, the hot particles in the hot water bottle rise to the cold water bo (MORE)

Why does balloon filled with water do not blast when it is shown to fire?

Why does the balloon with no water break in the flame? Andballoon with water not break? The flame heats the rubber of bothballoons. The rubber of the balloon without water becomes so hot,that it becomes too weak to resist the pressure of the air insidethe balloon. . When water inside the balloon is (MORE)

Why is there water on a cold water bottle?

Warm air can hold more moisture (humidity) than cool air. Therefore, when the air cools off and the amount of moisture in the air is too high, some water separates out from the air. This is why dew falls on a cool summer night or we get a frost some winter evenings. The water bottle example is th (MORE)

Why are vegetable kept in cold water after boiling?

Because the got too hot and could get 3rd degree burns if not treated by EMTs It keeps their color bright and they look alot better,,,also it stops the cooking process and can help keep them from being overdone

Is the water kept in a plastic bottles suitable for drinking or not and reason?

All water sealed in plastic containers should be assumed to be potable (drinkable) except when the label expressly says otherwise. Typically, water sold in plastic bottles or multi-gallon jugs is marketed for taste and not for particular purity or cleanliness; but rest assured it is free of danger (MORE)

Why does hot glass crack when kept in cold water?

As things heat up they slightly expand. When they cool they get smaller. So, if you take a brittle substance like glass and heat it up it will expand. But, if you rapidly cool it, part of the glass will shrink so fast that it will break away before the rest of it can cool down and shrink. The same w (MORE)

Why air from hot water bottle is expelled after filling?

Because the heat from the water could in theory build up enough air pressure to cause the bottle to burst - covering the person with scalding water. Expelling all the air from the bottle before tightening the stopper reduces the risk dramatically.

Why do the bottle filled with water do not melt when kept in fire?

Because the temperature of water can't normally go beyond 100degree Celsius , because that is the temperature of boiling water.When we keep any bottle with water on fire, heat transmits frombottle to water and since the temperature of bottle and watershould be almost same, the temperature of bottle (MORE)