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Why does a liquid take the shape of the bottom of its container?

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Liquids have fixed volume but not a fixed shape; they can flow to fill a container.
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Why do liquids and gasses take the shape of their container while solids do not?

The molecules of liquids and gasses are not tightly arranged or packed. It is due to this arrangement they can move freely. Thus, take the shape of the container. Whereas in s

Why do liquids and gases take the shape of a container?

In a solid the particles are in a regular patten and are packed tightly together so it doesn't take the shape of it's container. The particles in liquids and gases are more sp

Why do liquids take the shape of the container?

they take the shape of a container because the liquid particles stay together but they still move around. Liquid is a fluid & fluid can't resist shear stress. they will contin

Why can particles of liquid be poured into a container and then take shape of that container?

The particles of a liquid are not chemically bound to the other particles (the particles are generally molecules) around them. They do have some attraction for the other parti

Why can a liquid flow and take the shape of its container?

I think because the liquid, unlike the solid, has molecules with more space which they can move around in. The liquid can take the shape of its container probably because of t
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Does a liquid takes the shape of a container?

Yes.....since the molecules have more energy than a solid (move around more and are further apart) they are able to slide past one another, making them fluid. This allows them

Why do liquids fill the bottom of a container?

Gravity. The gravitational pull of the Earth will exert a force on anything with a mass and pull it towards the centre of the Earth. As we're essentially standing on the surfa