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Why does a single forceps end with the letter s?

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Maybe it's like "scissors", indicating one pair of scissors.
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How are forceps used?

Forceps are usually held with thumb and index finger and used for grasping, manipulating, extracting, and, rarely, for transport of small objects Forceps are used to grasp t

What are countries that end in the letter S?

Some countries that end in s are Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  United Arab emirates, the United States, St. Kitts and Nevis,  Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Antigua

Which animals end with the letter S?

AlbatrossAruanas (freshwater bony fish) Aurochs (extinct wild ox) BassBrontosaurus (extinct dinosaur) Chamois (a goat; antelope) Daddy longlegsDegus (small rodent from Chi

Who invented forceps?

  I believe it was Peter Chamberlain who invented the forceps between 1540 and 1596. But the invention was kept secret until 1813.

What words end with the letters a and s?

4-letter words abas, agas, alas, amas, anas, baas, bias, boas, bras, eras, etas, eyas, goas, kaas, keas, koas, kvas, leas, moas, ocas, okas, peas, pias, pyas, rias, ryas, sea

What is the seven letter words that ends with s?

Thousands of seven letter words end  with s. A few of those words include actions, actress, animals,  bankers, beaches, buckets, cameras, cereals, cowboys, damsels,  debtor