Why does a single forceps end with the letter s?

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Maybe it's like "scissors", indicating one pair of scissors.
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What are forceps and how are they used?

Click here for the answer from Answers.com See the Web Links to the left for more information. . A forceps is a laboratory word for tweezers. Tweezers are used to pick u

What is a forceps?

Forceps are basically tweezers for scientists and doctors. Answer A forcep is a medical instrument used during surgery. Answer A forecep is a tool used by an obstetrician

What is the function of forceps?

To pick up small objects Forceps are tongs or pincers for grasping, compressing or pulling, used esp. by surgeons and dentists. For example, a baby might be delivered by forc

What is a forceps used for?

well actually there are a lot of kinds of forceps, but mostly these forceps used for grasp, hold,stabilize or pick up small things

What is forceps and what is its use?

Forceps are a tool/instrument that have "pincers", similar to tongs that can extract, manipulate, twist and pull an object out of the body. Forceps are most used in the labor

What is the purpose of forceps?

Forceps like tongs are designed to hold parts during dissection of plants, animals. It is used in in vivo and in vitro examination and surgical procedures in human subjects.

What are alligator forceps?

Alligator forceps are a surgical instrument with a long shaft that ends with a grip at a 45-degree angle. They are used for clamping on objects in hard-to-reach places. The ja

What is a forceps birth?

Forceps is a medical instrument that looks kind of like tongs with flat ends. During labor and delivery, forceps may be needed to turn the baby or to help quickly assist to de

What are Magill forceps?

curved instrument used to remove residual adenoid, usually located deeper in the posterior nasal cavity, after attempted removal with curettes or adenoid punches
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Is forceps a noun?

Yes, forceps is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a thing. Note: the word forceps belongs to a group of words that appear to be plural but are singular because the