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Why does a turkey have a waddle?

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The turkey uses the waddle in 2 ways. One, it is a cooling device, when the weather is hot the turkey expands the waddle with blood so that it can cool down in the air. Second it is part of a display. Depending on how the turkey feels it may show the waddle to its fullest and reddest or hide it totally.
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Do all turkeys have waddles?

The only turkeys that have wattles are the males. The wattle is  used by the males to court the females.

Do turtles waddle?

The gait of a turtle is more of a plod than a waddle.

Do roosters have waddles?

  The word you seem to be referring to is WATTLES the flaps of tissue hanging from the "chin" under the beak. Not all roosters have them but most do. I raise Araucana

Do geese waddle?

No, geese don't waddle. They run as I have been attacked by a goose

Why do penguins waddle?

because of the way the ilia is fused to the synsacrum of the bird, and the birds back bone is flexible and because it's the only way it can walk

What animals waddle?

cat  Cat? never - cats move gracefully. Ducks and geese waddle.

Do chickens waddle?

No, chickens do not waddle they can walk normal. =)