Why does brass not have a chemical symbol?

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Brass is an allow of copper and zinc, only the two elements that make up brass would have their own chemical symbol.
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What is the chemical symbol for brass?

There isn't a chemical symbol for Brass. It is an alloy; a mixture of metals in various proportions, depending on what qualities are desired in the final product. Brass is an (MORE)

What is a chemical symbol?

A chemical symbol for an element is one or two letters. These are found on the periodic table of elements. The chemical symbol is an abbreviation of the chemical element name. (MORE)

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What is the symbol for brass on the periodic table?

There isn't one. Brass is an alloy of Copper and zinc and usually a trace of Arsenic too
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What is the chemical formula for brass?

AnswerThere is no chemical formula for brass because it is an alloy and not a chemical compound. Brass is made by combining copper and zinc in an approximately 2 to 1 ratio. B (MORE)

WHAT is chemical symbol?

A chemical symbol is simply an abbreviated way of writing a  particular chemical. The symbol is a much more convenient way of  identifying each element. Some examples are "O (MORE)