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Why does Gulliver think the Houyhnhnms are magicians?

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Where are the verbs in this sentence. Poor ikram tripped over the cat and fell flat on her face
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What is a magician?

The definition has changed through the centuries. Originally, a magician was a man who practiced sorcery in an effort to actually affect or alter the laws of nature. In more

Are you a magician?

well it depends if you can impress your family and friends which proves you are a magician

Who were the magicians?

There have been many great magicians over the years. Some of the most famous in the 20th century were Harry Houdini, Thurston, Kellar, Dante, Blackstone (Both Father and son

Why does gulliver want to stay with the Houyhnhnms?

   Gulliver has come to love the Houyhnhnms, their  society, and their way of living. He writes, "I had not been a Year  in this Country, before I contracted such a L

Summary of gulliver travael part 4 a voyage to the country of the houyhnhnms?

MY MASTER heard me with great Appearances of Uneasiness in his Countenance, because Doubting, or not believing, are so little known in this Country, that the Inhabitants canno

Why does Gulliver try to hide his body from the Houyhnhnm?

He wanted to hide his body because without his clothes, he would look like an yahoo.Since Gulliver thinks the yahoos are disgusting uncivilized creatures, he doesn't want to b

Why do you think swift describes Gulliver urinating and defecating?

You're referring to the incident in which Gulliver, a giant to the Lilliputians, puts out a fire in the Queen's apartment by relieving himself on it. Of course, no Queen is in