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Why does the date that Easter falls on change each year?

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The dates on which Easter is celebrated are determined by the lunar calendar, and so they change each year. Apparently, it is the Sunday which is two weeks after the vernal equinox. More details can be found on the related link.
Easter must fall on a Sunday, so that changes the date within a few days each year. Also, it happens after the first full moon in April, which changes the date from year to year slightly.
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How is the date for Easter calculated each year?

Easter Sunday typically falls on a different date each year. Easteris always the first Sunday after or on the first full moon, afterthe Spring (vernal) Equinox in the Northe

Why does Easter change each year?

The early church fathers wished to keep the observance of Easter in correlation to the Jewish Passover. Because the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened af

What date did Easter fall in the last 20 years?

Easter Sunday has fallen on the following dates for the last 20 years: 2009 - April 12 2008 - March 23 2007 - April 8 2006 - April 16 2005 - March 27 2004 - April 11 2003 - Ap

Why does the date of Easter Sunday change each year?

Easter comes on the Sunday after the first full moon after the  start of spring. Confusing, isn't it? It's because it's based off  of a lunar calendar and not the Gregorian

What date did Easter fall on in 1921 and each year thereafter until 2010?

Easter Sunday has fallen on the following dates; 27 March 1921, 16 April 1922, 1 April 1923, 20 April 1924, 12 April 1925, 4 April 1926, 17 April 1927, 8 April 1928, 31 March

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This question was asked in 2014, which puts the start date to 1974,  here are the days Easter fell on between 1974 and 2014.   1970s: 1980s: 1990s:   1974 - April 14