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Why does vinegar clean a penny?

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Ordinary white vinegar is a dilute form of acetic acid. Because it's acidic, it reacts with the oxidized copper that forms on the coin's surface.

Of course, if you have a coin that's worth a premium as a collectible, you should NEVER try to clean it at home because anything you have - vinegar, soda, Tarn-X, whatever- will damage the coin's surface and reduce its value.
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Cleaning with vinegar?

Definately! Its a great natural cleaner and did I mention how cheap it is? You could use it to clean finger prints and grime off windows and mirrors or pour some in your kettl

Why do pennies get clean in vinegar?

Vinegar is an acid, so it can break stuff down really good,  therefore cleaning the penny when it is dipped into the vinegar   but can you explain it more    you c

Why do you clean pennies with salt and vinegar?

Clean Money I read somewhere that copper pennies can be cleaned by soaking them in olive oil, but some collectors recommend not to clean coins. Another great way to clean pe

How can you clean pennies?

You don't really want to if its any sort of collectible coin (such as wheat pennies, Indian Head pennies, etc.) it will ruin the value of the coin. Seriously. If in doubt if t

Which liquid clean best a penny vinegar salt or olive oil?

vinegar. a reaction occurs between the two cleaning a good deal of all the dirt of the penny.   BUT ...   You should never try to clean anything except ordinary circul

Why do you clean pennies?

Dump them in a dish and cover with Coke. Rinse off after an hour and they look like new.

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There is no real way to clean a penny. Believe me i just done this experiment and the myths about vinegar and baking soda and vinegar and salt and ketchup and hot sauce and le

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If you have a modern penny, you can put it in a mild acid like vinegar or Coca-Cola.   BUTTTTT .... NEVER, EVER try to clean valuable coins to make them "look better". Du

Will apple cider vinegar clean a copper penny better than white vinegar?

  Either one will damage the surface and reduce its collector value to zero. If you must clean a coin that has any numismatic value, soak it in distilled water and soap (n

How To Clean a Penny?

You can use ketchup - the acid will react with the copper oxide.....assuming that's what's making the penny dirty....which is what it usually is. Vinegar should work too, but