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Why does your penis get erect and then loses erection when you are horny?

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Your penis is not going to stay erect for a long time. No one's stays erect for more than 15 minutes. Stimulation causes it to cycle again.
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Why do you get erections?

The most probable reason you would get an erection is because you are turned on, whether it's because you are thinking of sex or see someone you think is hot your body is prep

Why do I get erections?

Because extra blood flows to your penis due to sexual excitement or stimulation. The blood fills the tubes in the penis and shuts the valve holding it there until orgasm, clim

What to do if you have no penis erection?

Go see a doctor ASAP. Don't waste time researching the issue online or buying erectile products of questionable value. Your doctor can prescribe the appropriate drug(s) or tre

How do you get your penis erect?

if you would want to get your penis erect all you can do is either watch some porn read sex magazines masturbate jerk off touch a sex mate thats all a man can doo to gat their

How do you get erect?

When ur aroused sexually ,, try watching porn or drinking viagra ,, also helps if a girl touches u

How do you get your penis erected?

\nThe best and most effective way is to see something that excites your sexual side. EX. sex\nThe second best way is to play with it. EX. masturbate

How not to have erections?

I'm sure there are surgical procedures. However, I don't see why you wouldn't want to have a erection. One way is not to have sex and/or sexual enjoyment! It is possible to u

How To get erect?

A man can get erect in many different ways: masturbating, sexual intercourse, or sexual excitement.