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Why ia a silver surface used at the back of the solar panel?

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The silver surface is there to reflect the heat back on to the solar panel. thats if any heat has gone through the solar panel
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Why are solar panels not widely used?

My guess is that integrating solar panels into pre-existing energy networks would be difficult and costly. You also have to wonder how many solar panels we would need to repla

Why should solar panels be used?

They use an unlimited energy source. Which helps reduce the need for burning coal or using other limited resources for energy.

What is use of the solar panel?

solar panel = assembly of solar cells, which is used to absorb solar energy from the sun and then this energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar panel to use it

What are the advantages of using solar panel?

Solar Panels are devices that use the sun's energy or solar energy  and converts it to electrical energy which is then transferred to  appliances. It is an environmental fri

Are solar panels widely used?

Yes i live close to a person who has 20 solar panels but their is a catch you have to pay a separate bill for then because the government doesn't want you to have free electri

Why does solar panel have blackened layer at the back?

Painted dull black pipes sandwiched between 2 layers of glass, have water inside them that is heated thanks to the rays of the sun. Since the colour black absorbs most sunligh

What does copper used in solar panels?

Copper is an extremely efficient conductor of electricity with very low resistance. It virtually eliminates the loss of voltage/amperage when the electricity from the solar ce

Why is gold used as the reflective surface of some solar panels?

A thin layer of gold that is transparent to visible light but  reflective to infrared light is used to keep the temperature of the  panels down. This is important in space w