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Why ia a silver surface used at the back of the solar panel?

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The silver surface is there to reflect the heat back on to the solar panel. thats if any heat has gone through the solar panel
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Why use solar panels?

Solar panels produce electricity from the sun's rays without any harmful carbon emissions which are causing global warming. This should be reason enough. The more solar panels

What is material use in solar panels?

The materials used in the solar panels comprise of semiconductors. They are the materials that exhibit electron flow when brought at a particular temperature also known as thr

How are solar panels useful?

  Solar energy is non renewable, making panels cost money but the energy taken from solar panels is useful to heat homes and supply electricity for a home.  

Different uses for a solar panel?

There are the same use supply power to a load, the only things that change are the applications, some people use to supply lighting, other to supply remote cameras, others to

How do solar panels use refraction?

The tops refract the sunlight. Part of the sunlight is taken in  through wires that connect from the base of the solar panel to the  top. The wires feed to sun's light throu

Why does solar panel have blackened layer at the back?

Painted dull black pipes sandwiched between 2 layers of glass, have water inside them that is heated thanks to the rays of the sun. Since the colour black absorbs most sunligh

Why are solar panels not widely used?

My guess is that integrating solar panels into pre-existing energy networks would be difficult and costly. You also have to wonder how many solar panels we would need to repla

Where do people use solar panels?

Solar panels are generally used anywhere in the world. Of course, they are virtually pointless in areas of the world that have little or no sunshine. Many people are now turni

What do you use to make solar panels?

Here is a list of the materials required: - Clear plexiglass or low iron solar glass 2ft x 4ft x 1/4in - 3/4in 2ft x 4ft plywood panel - Solar cell kit - 50 Solar cell

Why everyone does not use solar panels?

the use of solar panels is limited to cost per kWh of electricity and cost of energy storage. Solar panels of the size 1 kW can produce at most 25% of installed capacity sinc

What are the advantages of using solar panel?

Solar Panels are devices that use the sun's energy or solar energy  and converts it to electrical energy which is then transferred to  appliances. It is an environmental fri