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Why induction motor is called as rotating transformer?

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it may be because rotating transformer also have one winding turns while the other remains stationary.because the one that was stationary is the one that accepts signals and the one that was turning is the one who converts he signal into current and distribute it to the motors engine
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Why induction motor called as induction motor?

Because there is no electrical connection between its stator and its rotor. Voltages and, therefore, circulating currents are induced into the rotor by a rotating magnetic flu

Why dc motor is not called as an induction motor?

In dc motors, the electric power is conducted directly to the armature (i.e., rotating part) through brushes & commutator. Hence, in this sense a dc motor can be called as a C

What is the relationship between an induction motor and transformer?

In an induction motor, power is supplied to the rotor using a changing magnetic flux i.e. without any true conductive contact. Similarly, in a transformer, the power is transf

Why induction motor is called asynchronous motor?

as we know that a rotating magnetic field is created by the satator current,and so in the rotor there is induced current and there by the rotor developes a unidirectional torq

Why a ac motor is called as a induction motor?

as it works on induced voltage on rotor according to faradays law of electromagnetic inductio ac motors called as induction motor The AC motors works in the same principle as

Why is induction motor called asynchronous motor?

We know that relative speed is responsible to induce voltage. If rotor and the rotating field (stator) speed is same, no voltage will induced because relative speed will be ze

Difference between transformer and induction motor?

1. Induction Motor has an air-gap but transformer has no air gap rather it is mutually link. 2. Induction Motor has high no-load current than transformer. 3. Induction Motor