Why is Einstein the god of the science?

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He's not, but then God only thinks he's a doctor.

What science did Einstein use?

Nothing very unusual, just physics worked out with algebra and some calculus. One of the great characteristics of Einstein (and Newton) is that their work was VERY clear. This

Why was Einstein the god of science?

He is arguably the "god of science" but I believe the reason why is because he discovered that the speed of light is constant, he pictured space in a single space-time fabric,

Did Albert Einstein write a book titled God vs Science in 1921?

There is no historical proof that accompanies this rumor. God vs. Science is a chain e-mail created by someone who didn't know Einstein, but insisted that he wrote it (in hope

Did Einstein really argue about Science versus God with an atheist professor of philosophy?

Answer No. Albert Einstein said that he was already an atheist himself by the age of twelve, so he is unlikely to have argued the opposite case with his university professor.

Why did Albert Einstein like science?

Einstein liked science because his dad gave him a compass and he wondered what made it point north and south and that motivated him to do what he did.