Why is Eleanor Roosevelt a role model?

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Cause hes a good and trustable man.
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Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind and courageous first lady. She was the first wife of a president to have a political career of her own. She was very important in the fight for hu

What did Eleanor Roosevelt do?

fights for the under dogs and never gives up she was the ladies president She worked to help women get to vote and when the suffrage passed (in 1920) she was named the US.

How did Eleanor Roosevelt change the role of the first lady?

Until Mrs. Roosevelt, every First Lady had just been a hostess, orthe president's wife, more concerned with children and domesticwork. Not Eleanor! She got out of the house an

What is Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first woman in the US. ,1933-45 . she was born in New York, October 11,1884 . she died in November 7,1962 because she had Bone Marrow Cancer.

What roles did Eleanor Roosevelt contribute to during world war 2?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the champion of the blacks and women. She pushed to have working rights for the blacks and the women to be able to work in the war armament manufacturing

Where was Eleanor Roosevelt from?

She is from New york city and she mostly lived with her grandmother. At the age of ten she was officially an orphan at the age of ten
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Who is Eleanor Roosevelt and what did she do?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady and humaniartian. She changed soo many things that today we take for granted. For more information read her autobiography.
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How has the role of the first lady evolved from Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama?

The role of the First Lady has been in a state of change for decades, although it could be said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In fairness, there ha