Why is Nepal important?

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In what sense, as a country? for its past contibutions to the world?, for its topography?, come on be more specific!
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What is the Importance of cultural heritage in Nepal?

I am a student of class 9 . And i think there is lot of importance of cultural heritage in a small country like ours.All of us should work hand in hand to preserve our cultura

What are Important places to visit in Nepal?

Boudha, Swamyambhu, and Pasupati are popular and interesting places in Nepal. The views of Nepal are unique too especially the Himalayas, here you can have a look at great v

Is there anything important in Nepal?

Perhaps Nepal's most important and well-known feature is that it is the location of the famous Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. The largest Shiva temple in th

What is the importance of tourism in Nepal?

It is important because it create many opportunity to our people who live in urban places where there are no good road or no road.If government can give good advertisement of
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Who was the first vehicle imported in Nepal?

Adolf Hitler gifted King Truibhuvan of Nepal with this 1938 modelMercedes Benz, which was the first car ever seen in Nepal. It wascarried to the capital by men as in 1940 ther