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Why is Thailand called the land of smiles?

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Many people believe Thailand is called the "Land of Smiles" because of the friendly, happy-go-lucky and cheerful nature of its people. You can apparently smile at any Thai you pass by while walking on the street and that person will most likely smile back at you.
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Thailand was originally called Persia?

No. Thailand is in a different part of the world and was called Siam. It is in Southeast Asia. Persia was in the area we now call Iran.

Did Thailand steal Cambodian land?

Yes, it did. That why Cambodia became so small and thialand got bigger, more than twice Cambodian land. Want to make sure? go to see Khmer map in the past, search Khmer Empire

Why Thailand is called The Land of Free?

Believed by most, the name Thailand actually means the land of Thai (ไทย) people, the biggest ethnic group in the area. However, the word, identically pronouced, "Tai" (

Why is Thailand called land of white elephants?

The white elephant, Airavata, carries the Hindu god, Indra. Because of this, white elephants are a major symbol of divine royal power in Thailand. The number of white elephant