Why is Wales in the UK called Wales?

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In Wales
The word Wales derives from old German and means 'stranger' or 'foreign.' Derivatives of the word were applied by Anglo Saxons to the Celtic inhabitants of Britain.

Interestingly enough the French and Spanish names for Wales are very similar to the old Roman word for France - 'Gaul'. In Spanish is it 'Gales' and in French it is 'Pays de Galles'.
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When did Wales join the UK?

The principality was brought under English control in 1284 when the Statute of Rhuddlan was enacted, the remaining Welsh territory was administered under the Marcher Lords until the Laws in Wales acts of 1536 (and 1542) were passed making England and Wales a single legal state. Sometimes referred to (MORE)

What are the cities in Wales UK?

There are five official cities in Wales:. 1. Cardiff, the capital - Cathedral city status (Llandaff cathedral - in the 'village' of Llandaff, now a district of Cardiff). 2. Newport, Cathedral city status (St Woolos' Cathedral (or in Welsh, Gwynlliw Sant)), granted its city charter at the turn of t (MORE)

Where is Wales?

Answer Its a country in the UK. It borders England. Capital city isCardiff/Caerdydd. Wales occupies the Western coast of Britain. Situated betweenEngland on the right and Ireland on the left Its in the west of Britain (left hand side ) and is the areacentral protruding in to the Irish Sea

Where are wales from?

Wales is a country to the west of England. It's kind of between England and Ireland.

Who are the wales?

They are a nation of people situated in the west of Britain and aredescended from Celts

Why did Wales become part of the UK?

The history of Wales consist of many invasions by the Anglo-Saxons and later the English. Wales became a part of the United Kingdom between the years 1536 and 1543, when the King, Henry VIII, decided that England and Wales should be united. This effected the Welsh language, as the "Deddfau Uno" (the (MORE)

What are the citizens of wales called?

By themselves - the Welsh By the English - the Taffs . +++ . Believe it or not, most of we English call you Welsh, "Welsh"too! :-) "Taff" presumably from the South Welsh river of thatname?

If you speak welsh what do you call wales?

what do i call it? as in ... Cymru? or if i consider it a part of England or not? I consider it independatn , completley unaccosiated with England - but i still know we are mostly ruled by England. I just hope this changes soon.

Who is wale?

Wale is a rapper born in D.C. He mostly raps about real life things and bases his music on more of go-go type. He currently has 3 mixtapes and his first album coming out in November 2009.

What was wales called before wales?

Well , originally it wouldn't have had an English alternative (Wales) and would have always been Cymru (I think) In the same way , while England had complete power over us , they also forced us to change many on the towns names - this is why some towns have English names , and almost all towns have (MORE)

Is Wales the sofa capital of the UK?

A capital is usually a town or city, especially when used in conjunction with another word - this usually indicates the place where most of the trade in the item described is carried out. As Wales is a principality - almost a country - it wouldn't be considered as a 'capital' of anything.

Why do people call wales 'Welsh wales'?

This generally means "Welsh-speaking Wales" -- a reference to those areas of the country where the Welsh language is commonly spoken, although sometimes people say "Welsh Wales" when they simply mean those parts of the country which look and feel "very Welsh". It's a translation of the Welsh phra (MORE)

Is there a town called Pontypandy in Wales?

There is a small town called Pontypandy near Caerffili. Fireman Sam however clearly lives some miles north of Caerffili, since there are mountains in the background - and Caerffili is just south of where the Valleys proper start. Pontypandy means 'Bridge by the Fulling-Mill', and there are many (MORE)

Is Wales part of the UK?

Yes, Wales along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are collectively part of the United Kingdom. Yes

What are the wales mountains called?

There are many mountain ranges in Wales - our mountains are not very high, but we have lots of them. In the North the main range is Snowdonia, which includes Snowdon - the highest peak in EnglandandWales. In the South the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains are both annoying (they make gettin (MORE)

Map of North Wales in UK?

Download Google Earth ! It's a brilliant program - showing satellite imagery with resolution down to individual streets !

Should Wales secede from the UK?

Yes. Most Welsh people have a unique Welsh Celtic culture, and they should be completely independent from the UK and form their own republic.

Why is Wales a region of the UK?

Until the late 13th century, when it was conquered by the English army of Edward 1, Wales was an independent country. It remained as a conquered territory until 1536, when it was integrated into the combined countries of England and Wales by Henry the Eighth. Even today, Government statistics often (MORE)

Why is Wales in the UK?

Wales is in the UK because Henry VII of Wales won a battle against Richard III of England and became the King of England. He became the King of two different countries and united them. _______ The battle of Bosworth Field (1485) during the English Civil War of the Roses alluded to above certai (MORE)

When was Wales added to the UK?

Wales was defeated and occupied by England in the 13th Century. This was formalized by an Act of Union in 1540. It now has its own Welsh Assembly in Cardiff which can legislate on most things except for economic, foreign and military policy.

Postal code of Wales in uk?

Wales has many postal codes, not just one- you need to specify the particular area of the country that you want the code for.

How do you get to Wales?

That depends entirely on where you are... Plane, car, boat, train, bus, walk, cycle. Wales is a country that protrudes from the west of mid-England.

How far from UK to Wales?

The United Kingdom (UK) is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so Wales is part of the UK. You will have to be more precise with your question. Ideally you should ask about the distance from one town or city to another.

Is Wales in the uk an island?

Wales IS in the UK (Britain) However, an island is defined as a land mass surrounded by water. Wales land mass is attached to England on its eastern side so therefore is not an island

Where about is wales?

Wales the country is just to the left of England. There is also a New South Wales in Australia and there are probably plenty more :D

What about wales?

Wales as in the town Wales as in the Country or Whales as in the animal

What is the leader of Wales called?

That depends on how you define 'leader'. Presently (February 2012) HM Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch. David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the UK (which includes Wales) Carwyn Jones is the first minister of the devolved 'government' of Wales.

Why did Wales join the UK?

Wales has always been connected as it part of the land mass of Britain however, through governance Wales is in the UK because Henry VII of Wales won a battle against Richard III of England and became the King of England. He became the King of two different countries and united them

Why is Wales called principality?

Because the eldest son of the British monarch has the title "Prince of Wales" -- although he doesn't, in fact, rule Wales in any way.

Is wales the hottest country in the UK?

By no means! Welsh weather is usually wet and with a temporate climate- if it's not raining, it's usually damp, and can be misty in the mornings. Wales gets colder earlier in the Autumn than England, and is slower to warm up again in the Spring. Welsh Winters are harsh by any standards- it gets very (MORE)

What are the 5 synagogues in wales called?

Cardiff Reform Synagogue (Reform) . Cardiff United Synagogue (Orthodox) . Llandudno Synagogue . Newport Mon Hebrew Congregation . Swansea Hebrew Congregation (Orthodox) . Chavurat Emak vaYa'ar (Wye)

What do wales people call santa?

The Welsh name for Santa is 'Sion Gorn' ( pronounced 'Shwn Gorrn' with the 'r's rolled). This translates as 'John Horn', the horn referring to the shape of his hat. It may also originate from ancient Pagan rituals dating back to pre-Christian times, when Midwinter Celtic divinities sported animal ho (MORE)

When did the UK unite with Wales?

1536.. You need to be a little careful with the terminology you use. I will assume the question you mean is: "when did England and Wales unite?". . Wales was invaded by King Edward I of England and conquered in 1284 AD. However it was not considered to be united with England at this point; rather (MORE)

What people called from Wales?

They are known as Welsh. A popular term that is used as a term ofabuse that is intended to deride the Welsh is to use the word asslang for being dishonest, deceitful and lying, but this is not infact the real generic origin of the word. The term 'to Welsh onsomeone' applied originally not as a sligh (MORE)