Why is a diaper like a baby?

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because a baby diaper is always full of boo boo and you use the both to put on!!!!!!!!!
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Why would a teenage boy want to pee and poop in diapers and be treated like a baby?

Paraphilic infantilism . Paraphilic infantilism is a paraphilia characterized by the desire to wear diapers and be treated as an infant or toddler . One who engages

Why do you like diapers?

Personally, I like diapers because of the sensation of being small again. it gives you a sense of being "cared for" but, thats just me

Why dont they make adult diapers like baby diapers?

They do make adult diapers. One brand is called Depends. They are for adults with bowel or urinary problems.. i think he means the designs on the diapers adult diapers look b

Why do teens like wereing baby diapers?

because it gives us a feeling of security and it just feels good the wearing of baby diapers by teen girls is far more common than it is with teen boys.teen girls like wearing

What does super diaper baby 2 look like?

its name is Super Diaper Baby 2 and the invasion of the potty something i don know is about poop something like that do super Diaper baby is shrong

When do babies get out of diapers?

It depends on the individual child- girls seem to potty train more easily than boys. Kids will generally start to show an interest in pottytraining when they are ready, and us