Why is argon used in a light bulb instead of air?

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The filament lasts for a long time because argon is inert and will not oxidize the filament even at high temperatures.
If air were used, the oxygen would quickly react with and destroy the hot filament within seconds of it being turned on.

Quick experiment: Attach a wire to the positive and negative sides of a large flashlight battery (the large rectangular ones with the two coils coming from the top... I can't think of the proper size). Attach the back of one alligator clip to the open end of each wire (so the clip part is not clipped on the wire). String out some steel wool until you have a single strand (or two or three wound together). This essentially is a light bulb filament. Clip it into the two alligator clips and watch how fast it burns.
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Why is argon used for light bulbs?

Argon is an inert gas that will not support burning when the bulbs filament becomes white hot because of the current running through it. When a light bulb consists of tungsten

In a bulb a noble gas argon is used why is argon used instead of air in the light bulb?

Argon can be used in bulbs much like neon can; where neon gives off a reddish-orange light, argon is a bluish tint.. If argon is used in an incandescent bulb it's probably to

Can a light bulb work with just oxygen instead of argon?

No. Light bulb filaments become extremely hot when in use, and oxygen, which is highly reactive, would cause the filament to burn away in a matter of seconds. Argon is used
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What property of argon is used in light bulbs?

Its chemical unreactivity. Argon, along with helium, neon, krypton, xenon and radon are the noble gases. Because their outer shells are completely filled with electrons, they