Why is it a bad think teenage have pregnancy?

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Its not. Im 27 years old and now have 3 daughters (Ava, Kieria and Beau). I love being a mum. I gave birth vaginaly to my first daughter Beau when i was 17. She is now 10 and healthy. My other two dauhters (Kieria ,3 and Ava, 6 months) were also born vaginaly. I think some people think as teen mums i a bad way because some people think that there babys them self and that there not old enough. I can say one thing, when i found out i was pregnant i was 16 and thrilled (my perants not to much so!) i have always up until my first daughters birth, felt older than my actual age. I gave birth 6 nonths ago now to my 3rd daughter Ava Maici Taylor she was born weighing 4 pounds exactly. she was premature because i fell over :S! i went in to labour emedietly and she was born at home. The girls were at there Nana's house and it was just me and my friend Gemma. It was amazing. First Gemma got me in our hot tub which felt brilliant and also helped alot! the bubbles actually calmed my vagina and made things very relaxing. when i had the erge to push i couldn't get out because it was happening so quickly that Ava's head was visable. I took of my thongs and started pushing. I didnt feel i needed help at all from Gemma she was ust realy there encoraging me. when the babys head was fully out i lifted my legs out of the water and rested them on the side. I was in that possision for about 20 miniutes when things started slowing down a bit. At the begining when i was in the water i actually think i was having a orgnasim it was at first pleasurable. After that long 20 miniutes i felt i needed to actually get out so i did (Although it took about 30 miniutes!) once i was out i lay on the sofa with sheets underneath my butt! I started rubbing Ava's head encoreging her to come out then i had a huge contraction. I think it seemed bigger than what it actually was because i was out of the water. Gemma put calming music on for me and slowly after an hour i gave lots of little pushes and along came Ava! Im thrilled we have 3 beautiful daughters there names are; Ava Maici Taylor, Kieria Lexii Taylor and Beau Sacha-Brooklyn Taylor.
thanks to Gemma! x
lots of love,
Ashleigh, Ty (Hubby!) , Beau, Kieria and Ava Taylor xxxx
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