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Why is it considered good luck if a bird drops poop on you?

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No, it is not good luck.
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  • It has to do with the odds of it happening by random chance. It's like 1 in a billion which is almost the same as winning the lottery. So if you are statistically able to get bird poop on you, then you should also be able to win the lottery.
  • Somebody came up with the idea that it's good luck because it's so disgusting that there must be something good about it.
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Why do birds do poop droppings on peoples vehicles?

    nest, stupid     Because, for birds to poop in their nests, well that's one stupid bird.       Birds poop everywhere, they do not "target" cars

Is bird seed good luck?

If you toss it at the bride and groom after they are married, it is. It is also good luck for the birds because tossing the traditional rice instead can make them very ill if