Why is the word Celtic mispronounced in the Boston Celtics?

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What is a Celtic?

A member of a basketball team. . A member of a group of tribal societies.

What was Boston Celtics payroll 2002?

According to USA Today, the Celtics payroll for the 2001-02 season was $47,469,112. Antoine Walker was the highest paid Celtic that season at $11,250,000 and Kenny Anderson wa

Who designed the Boston Celtics logo?

The Boston Celtics logo was designed by Red Auerbach's brother, Zang, in the early 1950's. Zang was a creative and artistic man who assembled the familiar leprechaun with the

How old is the Boston Celtics team?

The franchise started in 1946 with the Basketball Associaton of America (BAA) which became the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Where did the Boston Celtics used to play?

Boston Arena (1946), site of the first Celtics game and where the parquet floor was originally installed. Served as a secondary venue during the franchise's early years. Now k