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Why is there liquid water on Earth?

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The debris from the birth of the sun formed rings and the materiel of the third ring (what would soon become the Earth) had the potential of H2O. It is liquid because of the right pressure and heat.
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Does earth have liquid water?

Put down your PlayStation and go outside once in a while - you'll be amazed at what you can see - puddles, stream's, brooks, rivers and even vast bodies of water called oceans

Why can liquid water exist on earth?

Because the earth's atmosphere creates consistent heat above freezing but bellow evaporating temperature, so the water doesn't freeze but is always effected by gravity. Comets

Why does earth have liquid water and the moon does not?

"The moon does not have enough pressure to keep water in a liquid form while the Earth does. The moon also does not have enough gravity to keep the water on its surface." Bas

Why does earth have a liquid water supply?

Water itself is one of the most abundant compounds in the universe.  Earth is at the right distance from the sun, the right amount of  greenhouse effect, and the right amoun