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Which species? Well, anyway, the reason any species is endangered is because its numbers were made so low, through humans hunting or destroying their habitat, that they are close to being made extinct.
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Why are endangered species endangered?

Most endangered species are endangered because we are killing them  for there teeth, skin and bones or there habitat is being destroyed  or there isn't enough food for them.

What is an endangered species?

An endangered species is a officially-designated animal species that is threatened by extinction. This can be due to natural or man-made changes, including chemical pollution,

Endangered species of the taiga and why they are endangered?

Wood bison, Siberian crane, Beavers, and Siberian tiger are four I can name. The wood bison, beaver, and tiger are endangered from being over hunted for their fur (as well as

Why are species endangered?

Answer   Many reasons can cause a species to be endangered. Sometimes its because they are running out of food. Sometimes they are smaller and the larger species are over

When is a species considered an endangered species?

The international groups and nations that publish lists of plants and animals in peril and who monitor and track the numbers of animals in a species for species protection, ea

What is the endangered Specis Act for leopards?

Well, this depends on what species you're talking here. Snow  leopards are a biggie within the Endangered Species Act, same goes  for the armur leopard (a subspecies, also k