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They grow up to slow and don't mature fast enough. just hope that eventually the devil living in your house will soon grow up and listen and learn. i dare anyone who is reading this to persuade your little sister to go outside and yell i have a stinky face even if the neighbors are outside. results will be hilarious if someone hears. i know from experience because i have done it.
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Why are sisters so annoying?

Girls in general don't actually mean to be so annoying. If they do you should try to leave them alone for a bit, especially if they're kids ---- little sisters may be anno

Why are little sisters so annoying?

I'm guessing that your little sister is currently being very irritating to you, however I could be wrong... They may seem annoying because they are young and less mature tha

Why are older sisters so annoying?

Well I have two older sister and I think it is because they are so jelouse of you and they show it through teasing you but think of it as a privalidge cause you probably get t

Why are younger sisters so annoying?

b/c they r now deal w/ that you big fat ugly butt good 4 nothing loser  if you ask this question again it means that you really don't have a life  which is funny cause since

Why are sister so annoying?

Sisters are annoying because they want to be just like you. Have you ever noticed how she is always wanting to be around you? Mine is the same way, but I have managed to get o

Why are big sisters so annoying?

Whether its big sisters or big brothers, relationships between siblings usually go through rough patches. Many times, these relationships smooth out as they grow up. Trust me

Why are sisters always so annoying?

They are not always, and when you get older you you agree. You will be happy to have her. I used to think the same of my sister. We would bother each other to the point of sla

If you are a brother why are sisters so annoying?

As a brother... boys find girls annoying because boys and girls are different sex and what we like to do can differ... Therefore we argue about using things and we bother each

Why are younger brothers and sisters so annoying?

I have a younger brother and sister and i personally think that they are so annoying because they want to follow you. They like your ideas and they want to follow you but they

How can I deal with your 10 year old sister she is so annoying?

Most teens often find their younger siblings annoying and it's normal to feel this way. However, remember that your 10 year old sister looks up to you so perhaps pay a little