Why should exams not be abolished?

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because im cool. and school is important
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Should public exam not be abolished?

they help in learning of the student and improve their learning skills. exams facilitate and motivate students to learn in a healthy environment .

Should exams be abolished?

Yes, just as soon as your teachers learn how to use telepathy to read your mind and make certain that you have learned everything that you need to learn.

Why exams should not be abolished?

Every one has to pass through the ordeal of examinations and only those succeed in life who are ready to face all sorts of tests in their lives. Thus exams cannot be abolished

Write a debate on exams should be abolish?

Some students use too much time and money to get a one test to be accepted. We already have IQ testings to prove one is better than other. So, exams are not necessary to pro

Class10 board exams should be abolished?

According to my opinion,I think it should be abolished.Because whatever we study till 10th standard,all are just a general study and there will be likes and dislikes of the su

Essay about exams should not be abolished?

When writing an essay about why exams should not be abolished, itis important to write an introduction paragraph that captures thereader's attention and end with a strong thes
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Should exams be abolished in schools?

i really hate exams but i see no reason for it to be abolished. it's the ONLY way to test if the students really understand the lesson. it's kinda like a big help to us since
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Should exams not be abolish?

Yes, because it shows how much you have improved or need improving in certain areas of an subject. It also shows who is smarter than another like in the HSC you need a certain
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Should competitive exams be abolished?

No competitive exams should not be abolished.there are so many reasons. ->it the only reliable instrument ->By this way we choose the right eligilible candidate ->one can onl
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Why exams should not be abolish?

Exam should not be abolish because alots of studnt spend much money during exam tym,spend time 2 read,ame have h6pe dat exam wil be good